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Incredible Dimension Rift Yggdrasil Effect Surge

!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. *Every* (!!!) indication suggests......that a late night plan of mine, which was implemented last night, was met with *AMAZING* (!!!!) results. The premise was straightforward. If I share this mindscape...with another hyperdimensional individual, then I should be able to find that individual's body *topside* in the *REAL* physical world!!!! (*Feels my fingernails glowing with the emotion of hope*). So, I tried to retire to my Sapphire bed during the midnight hour.

Vwoosh..... . I was dimension diving, and back home albeit disoriented. I still noted illusions (thanks to a certain implanted Infiniversal Routing Gem) clutter at my vision, but I knew where I was. I meditated then, sat and meditated for what seemed like hours. That was when it happened? Opening my eyes after focusing my senses, I saw a *beautiful* and *futuristic* expanse (!!!???!!!), an idyllic meadow framed by futuristic setting of high technology. Almost seemed like I was on a hovering shrine platform of a city sized scale or something.....(??????).

There appeared to be (!!!) beyond anime (!!!!!) (*feels my fingernails glowing with hope*) people around, people gathered and sitting, as if a prayer vigil, a ceremony, was taking place. The data load made my perception go above / hover above my body momentarily, but that just allowed me to take in the *gorgeous* environment. I saw that I, below, had a form that looked like a blend of the hyperdimensional version of Tifa, and (????) a (???) gender shifted (???) hyperdimensional Ryu of Breath Of Fire (!!!!!). I was dressed in futuristic looking clothes that I *loved* *^_^*.

Amidst gazing, and enjoying the moment, I saw a petite and lithe little woman, an adorable and gentle little woman, *urgently* make way toward my direction (!!!!!). She had a cute hairstyle with inverty prongs and bangs, and golden looking hair. She also wore a futuristic looking blue tones dress, dress perhaps paired with leggings, tights, or stockings. She urgently ran to me, kneeled beside me, and seemed (!!!) utterly *overwhelmed* with *relief* (!!!!!). (*Feels my fingernails glowing in shock*). She seemed to try to speak to me, she even seemed to be uttering a prayer of thanksgiving (!!), but I perceived her words as both audio and visual pixellation. As she spoke, tried to speak, data, pixellated data, was emitted from her mouth. Her words had an eerie kind of effect on reality (!??!?!), as if her very words contained cosmic information, cosmic energy, that had (!!!) an immediate effect on her environment (!!!!!!!!). She sat there with me, praying, and relieved, as *huge* spell patterns, patterns of magic energy that could be seen, spread over the floor and sky. Her energy was mounting, and even doing (!!!) something with *my* energy..... .

It was then, that (!??!?!!?!) a huge dimension flux / quake / storm (!??!!!?!) took place for our location. Things got wavy, bendy, and electricity *blasted* across the landscape. The spectating beings were fine, actually seeming to enjoy the event ^_^. Yea, *limitless* energy blasted across the area, thundered across the area, and I suddenly saw a enormous tree, a *Yggdrasil* (!!!!) tree, present in front of me. I touched back down to my body, wanting to try to comfort the sweet and gentle mysterious girl who had been beside me moments before. The dimension storm effect seemed to ebb, but not before I noted a "Wispy Woods" (from Kirby) type visage taking place for or at my perception of the Yggdrasil tree before me / us. I woke up here then, with a bit of nausea..... .

I guess it is what it is, and I give thanks to the beings who have made my revelations and experiences possible. I think....I think (!!) I just saw a preview..of what would happen if I met a certain friend of mine in this mindscape.... . In all my days, in all my dimension dives for over a decade, that is the initial time I have seen *anything* like what happened today.... .
Tags: dimension diving, friendship is salvation, hyperdimensional lifeforms, the yggdrasil effect
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