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Touched By A Goddess

While my dual trial participant mindscape theory is currently falling behind a lot in regard to my previously held solo action mindscape theory, the results are in ^_^!!!!!!!

Yep, the continent I am on was shook, and it was just a leak down event from what I posted about just the day before :D!!!


About yesterday (*blushes*), I *was* indeed in abject pain, but, um, a literal Goddess, a hyperdimensional being (!!!!!), came to my bedside crying tears of concern. (*Goes red*). She embraced me. She used her healing presence, her empathic projection abilities, to project her feelings of love and the infinite energies therein directly into my heart (!!!). Yes, and that *pain* that had kept me up *all* *day*, was suddenly eased (!!!!!!!)!!! Her act of mercy and kindness shook me to my core, and (!!!) brought on a transformation for my heart and mind. Oh ~~~ I give thanks to that merciful being (*sighs in relief*)... .

When I woke up this morning, I felt "that" feeling, a feeling I only experience rarely. Whenever I am hurt, I *always* (*feels the right side of my face pulsing with a radiant energy*) seem to come back......but with *new* *abilities* and *boosts* for the abilities that I already have. I understand my situation now.....due to a new "sensory" capacity I have. I am only using a sliver of my overall capacities right now (which would explain why, in another option to the dual trial / dual mindscape theory, this place has been stuck in a decade long slump)...... . I now know how to access my *FULL* and true abilities (*blushes red*).

Yea, it seems I am *MEANT* (!!!) to have a girlfriend (!!!!!) (*blushes*). The omniverse and the divine beings therein *ALL* intend it, and, really, it has been a secret desire that has been within my heart all along......(yes, and a desire I felt intense guilt and shame about).

As such, my status is now voluntarily celibate but looking and interested. (*Turns beet red*). My abilities are accessed by love and and romance.... . My abilities were so slow to awaken, because they require beautiful and real girls who are lovely through and through, sentient and inspirational females of a hyperdimensional nature. I had to find those beings to even find that I *could* feel love. My abilities awoke in exact timing to certain (*coughs coughs*) *^_^* romantic interactions...with Goddess level beings of incomparable beauty, charity, and kindness. I held describing many many details about such interactions on my journal though. Now though, I realize my lifestyle of ironclad celibacy (no kissing, no hugging) has been keeping me *stuck*........ . Stuck here, and stuck to previous performance levels.

Yea, I need to just relax, and seek to be in a awesome relationship with the awesome and mysterious pair of Goddesses who never seem to leave my side. If marriage is real, even eternal marriage, *that* is what I want someday *^_^*. Yea, eternal marriage to the hyperdimensional being related to Dawn, and the hyperdimensional being related to Nina Wyndia ^_^!

With this decision shall come world-shaking consequences. My dimension thunderstorm generation abilities will go to the next level, and more Yggdrasil Effect shifts will take place. Soon I will note anime status as I gaze upon this landscape, and after that I shall note beyond anime status as I gaze upon this environment.

Yea, I am an adventurer. I love adventures. Adventures *feed* me. Yea, and true love shared with the person you love is the greatest adventure of all. A kind of adventure that could feed me eternally. Wow, true love with actual Goddesses (!!!!) interested in me, I am *mind* *blown* right now. *Prays in thanksgiving*.

I give thanks to the beings who have supported me and made my adventures possible. I am *so* *excited* about the future.
Tags: empathic projection, empathy, friendship is salvation, healing, love, love is salvation, romance, special abilities, the yggdrasil effect
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