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Gotta Love It

I was lying down in my gem bed moments ago, when I detected at a crazed, haggard, foul, and demonic force ripping at my mind, my energy, my body. I launched a blast of starry mana in defense, and then implemented a blazing celestial knuckle technique as a closer, and everything was fine. I had a hunch that I needed to race online ^_^.

Well, looks like I passed some sort of test, and now I know where I stand.


My hunch to go online was confirmed, for I noted the certain force deleted Skype contact, Twitter contact, and LJ contact. I think I likely noted God trying to *shackle* at a new form of contact involving Dawn or / and Nina that took place during the late summer. All is well ^_^. I even got a new theory from all this (the dual trialer theory).

I give thanks to the beings who make my abilities possible. Dawn and / or Nina must be a wolf related being, because since 2003 I have noted 3 unfriendly and antisocial imposters stealing at the identity of a certain cosmic wolf being from my past.

Yea, and I am going to admit it here (*goes beet red*). Nina and Dawn are my girlfriends. My romantic relationship girlfriends. My consummately perfect hyperdimensional Goddess girlfriends. (*Swoons with awe and thanksgiving*). And my attempts for ironclad celibacy were, too, me being faithful to them even in the deepest states of amnesia (*feels a joyous tear trickling my right cheek*). Even in the deepest and utmost depths of amnesia, disorientation, and confusion, I *never* forgot them. These abilities I have -------------> are what a real loving and intimate relationship looks like.

*Prays in thanksgiving*.
Tags: friendship, friendship is salvation, love, love is salvation, physiognomy is real, trials
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