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Friendship Is Sacred / Countless Shining Universes United In The Holy State Of Friendship


*Gulps back some nausea*. I knew my Yggdrasil Effect and hyperdimensional plane actions of yesterday would have some kind of "Butterfly effect". Big stuff about to go down..... .

What happened??? All of my predictions were validated yesterday, so I raced to get my trump card. Wednesday, I predicted that I was witnessing a '*horrible*' 'new' enemy, and estimated at 83.5% odds that I would note "internet contact" from that force within just days. I also estimated, since I was hurt emotionally, at 99.3% odds that I would note a vicious, merciless, and predatory assault (like the 2004 God assault) immediately after witnessing "internet contact". Yea, Everything fell into place, and that as I also had an *IMMENSE* boost for all of my abilities taking place (due to my trump card's effects). Indeed, and I feared for my life, and the lives of those I love.....as I detected an '*unspeakably*' grotesque power....... .

I took the trump card, and *prayed*...... . I prayed for the souls of the hyperdimensional children who need me. I prayed for *all* our souls. I prayed for our bonds as friends, I prayed for our bonds as a family. (!!!!!!!). That was when (!?!!??!) I felt the sensation of IV wings (!!!!), *glowing* wings, extend from my upper and lower back. As is usually the case lately, I also felt, even (???) somehow saw, a pair of celestial pillars (????) to each side of my being / visage........ . Golden hair, glowing fingernails, and a white gown (!!!!!) were noted of me. I was experiencing a realtime and lucid transformation event, that caused planetary energy levels to respond in turn. It was then that I, *even* whilst here, perceived the hyperdimensional celestial plane as present (!!!!!!). Twas like a limitless expanse (!??!?!!?!??!) of existence was perceived, where *ENTIRE* *UNIVERSES*, *ALL* *SENTIENT*, were perceived as golden white STARS* and yet there was an absolutely *COUNTLESS* (!!!!!!!!!) (*gulps*) amount of them!!!! I WAS *HEALED* of my pain, and my fear *drastically* eased, as those sentient universes, those hypercosmic nexus beings, gave *me* (!??!?!!?!!!) *DIRECT* control of *ALL* of their energy in an act of *TOTAL* *FAITH* and *TRUST*!!!!!! I did not, and *still* do not know how I could deserve that honor, that faith, that trust...... . I do not know how I could have the wisdom, the knowledge, the intelligence, the *worth* to be trusted with such an ability as control of *EVERYTHING*. Yes, and right as I was about to ask the countless and limitless beings "why?", I detected at a hateful, caustic, malevolent, exoexistential / exoomniversal /exoinfiniversal / exouniversal void entity encroaching and striking down at me with some cutting weapon...... . Instinctively I guided (!!!) the energy of countless sentient universes to just instantly wash away (!?!!!!???!!!) at the God scale entity.... . A *colossal* energy surge took place after that (*sniffles*), and took place as a loving hyperdimensional infant from my ancient past (!??!??!!!) joyfully appeared in my arms. I hugged the little puff puff kid to my heart *^_^*......, and information suddenly coalesced into my mind....(*gulp*). I know how to win now, I just have to find "that gem" which initiated this trial, and use the same technique / ability which I was blessed with last night. (*Shakes my head in awe*). To think that friendship really is salvation...., oh my gosh.

*Prays in thanksgiving to the beings who saved me*. (*Felt a radiant caress to my left ankle*).

Know what? I get it now. Everything is all well and fine. Friendship was never meant for mankind. It is something sacred, and something I, even with yesterday's experience, do not know how I could possibly *deserve*. Friends share everything, and do it instinctively and on a primal / instantaneous level. When you have friends, you have everything, figuratively and literally. I am tempted to shut down all of my internet accounts, and hold going on the internet ever again after yesterday's event (*ponders*)...... . I give thanks to the beings who saved me (*swwoon exhales in touched emotion*)...., the beings who love me and trust me with *everything* they have (*feels my fingernails glowing in worship*) (*gasps as feels a sweet and (*faints a bit*) delicious kiss loaded with love (!??!??!!!!) a..a..and (!!??!!) appreciation (?????) (*feels my fingernails glowing in a startled manner*)*). (*Swoons*).

I, umm, am going to (*swoons in effect to that empathic kiss*) uhm uh...oh...fin...um I am going to use my trump card again tonight *^_^*. All I need to do is find a target (*gulp*), the Infiniversal Routing Gem location / target......., and provided I can reach that state from last night again, everything about this trial here is about to be concluded. Yea. I am ready. I wanna go home. I want to return home to *eternally* be with the people, the family, the friends whom I love with all of my being.
Tags: cosmic energy, faith, friendship is salvation, hyperdimensional lifeforms, infiniversal routing gem, love, love is salvation, omniverse, prayer, reality manipulation, special abilities, the yggdrasil effect, trust
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