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New Yggdrasil Effect Abilities Confirmed / What A Week

Just a quick heads up? The "acute fluidity" reported last night, lasted until this morning.... . A prolonged *DIMENSION* *THUNDERSTORM* effect took place over the gem mine after I posted my last journal message. I sensed the "new world" phasing in *all* through the night last night. It seems the phasing process has locked up again though......, and that....maybe until I use my trump card again....or until the next surge event I go through.

I am certain now, that whether here on the mine, or in Tokyo next year, I can and will shift the "map" of this world. I note mankind is oblivious and blind at The Yggdrasil Effect and it's effects, and I get comfort from that notation. The Yggdrasil Effect is like ninjutsu, 'they' are not supposed to see it coming. It'll seal at 'them'......in a pacifistic manner free from violence.

Know what? I am grateful for this week......... . I do not use the phrase "coming out", but, it feels justice has been done. Yes, and by that, *credit* being given, *proper* *credit* to my girlfriends (*blushes*). All my abilities are a result of the blessing of having perfect, loving, maidenly, wholesome, innocent, purehearted, and caring girlfriends in my life...... . Yea. Girlfriends who are literal Goddesses, literal divine beings with entire universes to their names....... . I have been in a relationship with them *all* *along* (*blushes totally red*). They made my survival possible. They carried me through this all (*blushes*). (*Rubs my red brow*)....... . I know now, for certain, the key to me progressing is exploring the relationship I share with them............ . I can now put to rest all those other notions of the past that kept me stuck in a cycle of misery, confusion, loneliness, and anxiety. I am and have been in a relationship, and I love it.......(*feels my cheeks absolutely burning with shyness*). I have *NO* complaints, only thanksgiving, gratitude, appreciation, and total mind blown awe......amongst other linked emotions.

I thank my beloved, my beloved, and our omniversal family members. (*Hears music*). (Hmmm? Oh, it is a Besaid island related theme *^_^*). I am excited about the future. I am so excited to be part of a family ~~~. Yea, all my prayers, hopes, wishes, dreams (*gulps*), have been answered (*feels my fingernails glowing with fulfillment*). Yes, and I thank my girlfriends, and our family members.

*Prays in thankgiving, celebration, gratitude, and worship*.

Tags: friendship, friendship is salvation, fulfillment, justice, love, love is salvation, ninjutsu, reality manipulation, relationship matters, salvation, the yggdrasil effect
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