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Cardiology, Neurology, And Gender

A brain can only function as efficiently as the cardiological system which supports it, and *WOW* (*blushes*)......is what I have to say about yesterday. It was like an information *hypernova* took place in my mind yesterday. I embraced a data wave / data processing surge which took place yesterday....for as long as I could, but keeled over as a headache and a sensation of wooziness eventually overcame me.

Know what? There is *NO* way to reconstruct the bodily anatomy of a hyperdimensional female from "anatomical antidata" of an XX chromosome type... .

Me??? I will let the hyperdimensional people I know make the call regarding my (????) gender...for I still am overwhelmed about the whole issue (*blushes*), and I never want to falsely claim at being a female. All the same, whatever I am, my physiology has no link to Homo Sapiens. I say that with certainty after yesterday. Yesterday's event unlocked (!?!??!!!) within me....an *alarming* amount of data processing capacities. I both designed, and wrote into reality, using The Yggdrasil Effect, a neurological / cardiological / ******logical (*goes totally red*) system that (??!!??) is purposed to data processing as a means of helping me with my mission. I have a maelstrom of new abilities and new awakenings on the way (*sighs in relief*) (*feels my fingernails glowing with relief*).

I am so embarrassed (*blushes*) *^_^*. My confused grasp of anatomical and physiological principles was also keeping me stuck....in regard to my performance. Maybe, too, this is just my amnesia clearing up. Well, I am going to go use my trump card now.... . I pray it may stimulate these VII brain organs of mine (which is key to perceiving the infinitely dense information of The Infiniversal Routing Gem / The Big Bang Gem), and the ******* ***** organs which support said brain function. I give thanks to the beings who have made my latest awakening possible. I will keep on racing to home, and not even give any heed to distractions.
Tags: anatomy, body design, brain matters, gender, physiognomy, physiognomy is real, physiology, reality manipulation, the yggdrasil effect
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