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Recovery Megaevent / New Abilities (That Was Fast (!!!!))


I noted chaos break loose yesterday after taking my trump card.......(*blushes*).

Yesterday was just *EPIC*!!!!!!

Yea, looks like I noted God's trump card envoy was crashed and yanked away *way* too early and way too abruptly last week, because with trump cards in my hands, and plenty of free time, an explosive awakening of my memories and abilities has been taking place. I could tell something was wrong with the enemy forces.....as IRL I noted distraction after distraction dumped at my way. I could tell I noted something was wrong with the enemy forces when I noted loads of dinner invitations and even money dumped at me with no explanation.

I even noted a "paying" 11am "metal hauling job" dumped at me today, and that after an unannounced gem mining sortie to 8am (*cackles*). Too little, too late I say. When my abilities awake, I'll just take what I want. When you can take what you need by way of sheer abilities, money is exposed as pointless..... . And take I shall.

I have done a probability analysis, and unless I note the envoy again, or another envoy created from scratch like the last one....., I guess I will keep noting knocks at my door IRL (*facepalms*)....... . Well, I am not going to go looking for the envoy from last week......... . Maybe God can create a "Japanese" envoy from a monetarily loaded corporate family lol :D, an envoy to land to Asheville in a private jet or something. How about noting a scripted and concocted scenario with at least a pretense at adventure and being cool.....right???

I want to report what happened yesterday, an event that had an effect on the space and time of this place. I also want to report about my new "judgment thunder" ability / event that took place yesterday. Indeed, but I need to sleep some more since I have a long day ahead of me :P...... . I will do a part II for this post tomorrow afternoon or so???
Tags: awakening, space fabric phenomena, special abilities
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