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What Just Happened? / Trump Card Tonight

Hehehahaha *^_^* ~ !!!! Wooooooo ~~~ :D!!!! Wow. I'm feeling *happy* *^_^*!!!! Happy , so very happy ~~ !!! Know why? It is because of the chance I have been given to be a research ninja ^_^!!! Yea, and this chance to be blonde (*coughs*) (*blushes*) when it comes to the real me, the true me ^_~!!! I am excited about life!!! Yea. My lifestyle lived, aligns in an absolute manner with my my dreams and goals. Yea, I want to spread and generate limitless cheer, happiness, and hope across the omniverse......, so you know what? I get the whole thing about me true form now (*feels my cheeks burning red*).

Yea, I want to be like a real Santa Claus :D. Yea, but a research ninja and blonde version. I want to sneak into the houses of eagerly awaiting little pals, and place capsule mode enabled *real* starships under their brilliantly lit celestial starlight trees ^ ^!!! Yea, those, and pizzas *^_^*!!!

Know what? I get it now. This trial has been about me.....learning of my deepest fears, and *validating* them....... . Yea. I think my deepest fear, too, is and always has been at the bitter fate of being a man O_O......, a man stuck around loveless men.....by default. Yea.... . And that fear *certainly* has been validated..... .

Guess that settles it? I am going to let my body shift IRL from here ^_^. Not even one of mankind can or will love me as a person, care about me as a life form, and that whatever form I take right? Not that I am saying that I deserve care and love......., it's just that hyperdimensional beings, unexpectedly for me, cherish me (*blushes intensely*) (*feels a warmth, a glow, in my fingernails*).

I am going to use my trump card tonight :D. I have to..... . Moments ago, I witnessed at some weird control tower place..... A God related one. I did a heavy graviton hammer blast loaded with electromagnetic energy and thus noted the tower's broadcasts disabled. I tried to run away then, running on foot. I was worried when I heard at some guard dude hollering "oh no...it's Jag Yggdrasil" (!???!??!?!), and that on account of me not wanting fame or infamy.... . I phased under the street of the shadowy location, and hid, with a sanitation barrier around me, in the sewers. I hid for a long time. After a while though, I noted a boy (!?!?!) peeking at a sewer grate point at me. I suddenly felt my foot held (!?!?!?!), and I gasped as I suddenly found myself dangling upside down (*blushes a deep and embarrassed purple*) and gazing at Piccolo (!?!???!???!!??!) (*cackles*). That Namek :P!!!! I was not even interested in questioning Piccolo's motives. I flipped myself upright whilst releasing an omnidirectional blast, and went back to blasting at the tower I witnessed before. After completing the mission, I awoke here with heart strain.......and chest pains (*blushes*), but with a lot of "unlocked" feelings and thoughts *^_^*.

I give thanks to the beings who make my lifestyle possible. I love living this way <3.
Tags: a goal oriented lifestyle, anime dudes, dreams for the future, men are the root of all evil, senjutsu
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