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Real Couples Always Have Special Abilities / Why Empathy Is Mandatory For Sanity

I have been figuratively "floating" through the last couple of days *^_^*. I feel enshrouded, shielded (*blush*), by love..... . It is delicious, and it keeps me nourished, keeps me optimistic, makes me feel happy, and grants me safety (*sighs in ecstasy and relief*). It gives me new abilities, and supports the abilities which I already have. Somebody loves me romantically...(*swoons in contentment*). I (*jumps as feels my hair caressed as I type *^_^* *)...also sense deep gratitude within this miraculous and palpable "love field" enshrouding me right now.... . To the source(s) of these sacred feelings, I thank you for loving me *^_^*. Thank you for appreciating me. Thank you for feeding me with your care for my soul, my health, and my wellbeing.

I think that Dawn, and Nina, my beloved and my beloved, must *somehow* be reading these posts from topside...... . (*Goes totally red*). Yea, somebody is *praying* for me, and only hyperdimensional beings are capable of prayer. Somebody, as inexplicable as it is for me to sense it, is (!????!?!) (what the)......worshiping (!!!!) me; that, true worship, as startling as it is, being a capability which I have only noted divine beings capable of (for it requires no "ego", no "vanity", no "autism", no "solipsism", no "masculinity").

Know what? I am convinced.... . Love, true love (*feels a blushful glow for my fingernails*), is the raw energy that comprises any and all aspects of existence. Love is the secret to my abilities........ . Yes, and both the love that I feel for others, and the love *they* (!!!!!) feel for me.

With people I can love in my life, torrents of energies and abilities.......just blast forth like an ultranova.....from within my being. With real people who can love me in my life, it is like I walk enshrouded within a cloak comprised of ***infinite*** ultranovas...... .

I get it now (*gasps*). Love, and empathy, the capacity to feel love and to sense the love felt specifically towards to you by another, makes any and all other abilities possible. Love is directly involved with all forms of energy, and even all aspects of space, matter, and time..... . (*Ponders*). There is another solemn fact to this too. Sanity can only exist where there is empathy,......(*goes "oooooooo~~~~" with the weight of that statement*). I guess the flip is true too??? There can only be empathy where there is sanity. Empathy prevents you from being jailed inside your own mind, and locked up in fruitless solipsistic delusions that have no basis in reality. Empathy is the *only* way to not be autistic and insane. Empathy is salvation, and the ultimate proof you are not 'alone'....... .

I am literally learning as I write this message. Okay, I get it. Empathy ***has*** to be present before any other abilities can get activated, and that so that no innocent beings are harmed.

My mind is awakening right now, and that before even using the trump card. I give thanks to the beings who make my discoveries possible. I am going to go brush my teeth, floss, and rinse with Listerine Total Care......whilst these revelations continue. *Then*, I will use the trump card *^_^*!!!!!
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