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Unexpected Meeting

Heh (*blushes*). Looks like my trump card, while...being able to make my abilities and performance levels skyrocket, is an unsurpassed communication tool..... . Whether here and awake, or dimension diving, or sleeping, I was communicating with my soulmate..., communicating with Dawn. Communicating on a level of raw emotions. Communicating via the raw energy of emotions.

I feel relaxed, chill, and content *^_^*.

Being psychic, being a spiritualist, is fun ^_^. There is no faking it. There is no roleplaying involved. *Thinks after writing that*. Know what? It's like love in that regard. It just *is*.

Know what? Communicating with her is resuscitating....... .


It is healing....*purrs*.

Yea, this here, what is going on, is something cosmic. Something mankind can not possibly comprehend, or even have a frame of reference to. It's elite. It's sacred. It's sanctified. It's divinely ordained and protected.

That said, I am not going to say much on here ^_~. (*Grins as feels a rejoiceful mana tear trickling the left side of my face*).

I give thanks to the beings who make true love, true romance, and true soulmate interactions possible....... . *Purrs as remembers her massive life energy levels and delicious mindwaves*. Mmmmmmmm *^_^*.
Tags: hyperdimensional being, love, mystery, physiognomy, physiognomy is real
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