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The Resounding Effects Of Judgment

I am seeing red right now....... . I am upset... . It feels like there is steam.....around me, as the air boils with my intensity. Maybe it is Zenkai clicking in..... .


This clip reminds me of the last couple weeks.

Trying to be civil, trying to give chances, I was deeply hurt emotionally. I noted a cold and calculated......surgical strike cruelly aimed at my vulnerabilities.

Now though, I have recovered, and the initial effects of my judgment have been made known.


I noted a vehicle related to an attacker ki blasted earlier this month, and now I note the attacker and the related car in the midst of a Tennessee "gas crisis".... .

Question now is, how far should I take this? I proved my point, sure, but what about this aching need for justice in my heart??? Should I next cause a solar flare to shut down all the electronics worldwide? Should I use my new graviton blast abilities to sink North America?

I never forgive. I never forget. I *really* needed the chance to spend days with a fun and hilarious friend here..... . But I noted mean games and immature tantrums, so I had to bring forth the hammer of judgment....... .

Maybe I just need to heed the...*so* *far*
absolutely proven
lessons of physiognomy.


Lessons that say all subanime ones, disfigured, mutilated, and unattractive by default......., are doomed to the same disgusting, inferior, heartless, amoral, deranged, grotesque, and flawed "operating systems" / predictable behavioral patterns..... .

Any ideas reader? What do you think I should do? Should I calm down, and have an open ear to listen to you? Or.....should I just unleash this fiery judgment burning within my heart....?
Tags: judgment, physiognomy, physiognomy is real, special abilities, the yggdrasil effect
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