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To Catch A Falling Starship

Something has come up *^_^*.

I have been analyzing the journal post from a couple weeks ago.... .

Apparently, some locals, Pam and Arthur, claimed that a "UFO" appeared over the church I fried last year. Others have come forth saying similar accounts.

Hehehahahaha *^_^*!!!!!! This matters for me, because the locals should not have a clue about my online identity........ . This matters to me, because it is the ultimate chance.

Yea. My life feels complete. I have wonderful friends, wonderful friends who are family to me. Every day for me is an adventure, and a party. Every day is a day to celebrate being alive, and having emotions ^_~..., and being in awesome relationships. My life consists of fun guitar training, fun weight training, fun karate training, and fun empathy and telepathy training. All my pain, all my suffering, is at mankind..... . Mankind just isn't fun. Everything in this world is free, but alas, you will *always*, so long as you witness mankind, witness *some* man unfairly demanding "payment".....(be it money, sex, conformity, slavery, etc)... . Extortion is encoded into the DNA of men. Noting other crimes......, of course, is assured (*cringes*).

I have been thinking...... . Next year, I will see about using my psychic abilities to find any possible buried or submerged starships...... . I will also look into manipulating the starships already present in this solar system, the literally and figuratively unmanned starships which I keep having visions about. I will travel the entire world with this goal in mind. I want to go back into space, I ***hunger*** for it.

This is very important for me, because I am having issues controlling my abilities.... . Looks like the same kind of pyrokinetic and electromagnetic storm.....thing that happened back in Wilmington II years ago, is about to happen again. "Black hole" type events are on the verge of taking place for me. Irl recently, and during surge events, even wasps and hornets get fried at my close vicinity. I can not even use XBox One controllers and such anymore, lest I fry them.

I am going to take a bit of a rest from my judgment events.....(*checks at Tennessee and NC gas crisis news*). No need to trap myself in a martial law situation, nor anarchy featuring marauders and looters. For the next while, I am going to use my trump card to expand my remote viewing capacities...... . I need to find some means for *privacy*.. . Justice will come..... . I just need to make sure I do not jeopardize myself in the process. Justice is not vengeance.... . I must preserve my own existence.
Tags: freedom, privacy, privacy is salvation, remote viewing, starships, the yggdrasil effect, visions
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