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Thin And Watered Down Soup

I have been watching at Rail Wars! and Dog Days, seeking any way to get respite from witnessing 'boring' 'prisonlanders' 'and' 'their' 'autoinflicted drama' IRL. I'm tired at the STD medicine calls from bimbos that brought the disfiguring maladies unto 'themselves'... . I'm tired at the complaining.....of meth and alcohol abusers about the 'receipt' in the form of damages that come with such abuse. I took a day to hold with my medicine deliveries, as a means to assess my life situation, and get some rest.

Watching at the most data packed broadcast I could find,

....I just kind of facepalmed.......^_^'..... . Nowadays, noting anime...is like eating a very watery and thin soup......when I am in *desperate* need of a fulfilling and wholesome meal...... . I am **grateful** for the chance to have anything though, and something is better than nothing.... .

I need to mention something real quick..... .

See this video?

If the above media was from around thirty solar cycles ago, what the heck is going on? Why have I noted mankind go nowhere??? Where are the colony starships available for public use? Where are the transcontinental magnetic levitation trains for public use? Why am I still witnessing a wage slave economy? When I was around noting 1986, school teachers and mankind's narratives promised at *all* these things. Looks like I just noted a heap of rotten lies. I do not even think my survival was intended nor expected, hence why I witnessed so many ghetto fights IRL, and hence why I witness mankind just stalling day after day.

Mankind's fake society was all about brainwashing, subjugation, torture, and imprisonment all along. Money just was a tool of plausible deniability, a means to impose the blame for such a crappy antisystem at the observer(s). Money was just a prop to foist the blame for intolerable housing conditions at the observer..... .

Yea, I say no at the brainwashing..... . I also say no at "political correctness". Political correctness is just a scheme born of hateful predators commanding and demanding at my obedience. Predators that have been exposed as hateful predators. Predators that were forced to backpedal, forced to pretend at being part of a advanced and humanitarian society which cares about feelings whilst yet never having provided any semblance of an advanced society (free from money) (free from crime) (free from porn) (free from perverts) which cares about feelings. Predators that pathologically shirk at any and all accountability and responsibility. Predators that use virtue signaling and peer pressure as a means to silence at rightfully made and stated...objective observations and judgments.

Me? When I get my electromagnetic manipulation control levels up, I am going to take what I need, when I need it. It is my only option for survival. I wanted peace, still want peace, but it is what it is. I must adapt rather than perish....... . I refuse to die homeless...... . I refuse to die from malnourishment in the icy wilderness depths. I refuse to rot in some cell. I refuse to be treated like some nuisance that must be kept in a cage. Fact is, even if I were to find a starship, or have a starship land here......., I would witness 'them' yet again.....claiming at ownership of a free resource. In this world, looks like you can only have what you can defend. Your only rights are the rights you can defend by way of your own fists, your own blades, your own blasts, your own abilities.
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