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The Yggdrasil Foundation

Jag made a Yggdrasil Foundation donation button?. I wouldn't 'dare' ask 'one' 'cent' of a wayfarer.....of a person seeking the truth. This button is in case jaggimus witnesses 'any' 'shadow' 'organizations'...... 'that' 'would 'care' 'to' 'donate' 'one' 'million' 'or' 'so'...'to' 'study' ...'at' what the Yggdrasil Foundation could/would do...which attempting to go beyond...'limitations' 'set' 'forth' 'by' 'religions' 'and' 'such' ('science'...'buddhism'...'etc'). Proof of such attempts are available by googling jagyggdrasil thailand japan....and jagyggdrasil tidal wave outbreak. Be i note 'million' 'or' 'not'....i intend to what i must.....for i plan to have an aid foundation in whatever world i find myself in. (That said...all the same....i feel the need to state..that i find 'money'...'is' 'a' 'immature' 'concept'....someday....i want my to have my..own planet...i'll try to keep it free from 'such' 'a' 'beastly' 'concept' (and free from 'the' 'beasts' 'instating' 'it').)

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