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(The above is not my usual kind of music, but if you would just bear with me, I'll explain).

Remember this????


"Analyzes the variables, and comes to III conclusions*.

A) I perceive a shared mindscape, and I have met a soulmate who has communicated with me (albeit whilst noting the enemy tampering at said communication and falsifying at their history / behavioral history).

B) I perceive a dimension traveler in place, visiting this mindscape (albeit whilst noting the enemy tampering at said communication, dubbing a fake persona at my perception of the communicating being).

C) I perceive a fragmented portion of my own being within this mindscape (albeit whilst noting the enemy tampering at related attempts for communication)."

Well, my psychic abilities went into overdrive today, and *that* before even taking the trump card O_O. I did a mind dive, a psychic dive, coming across images, feelings, music, and words.

I have another option.... .

D) I am a psychic healer diving into the mindscape of a hyperdimensional being who is in urgent need of assistance, a healer who has waded through an ocean of thoughtforms to provide emergency assistance to somebody whom I love and deeply care about.

Yea... . I have to consider all IV options now, because if it was just me, it seems....from my current viewpoint.....I should have been done here long ago. Maybe as far back as 2007. I have known about the Infiniversal Routing Gem for almost a decade, but here I am. Looks like this journal may have been meant to put me in contact with either the person who shares this mindscape with me, **or**, perhaps (option D) generates *ALL* of it O_O......... .

Ego is dangerous. Just because a solo mindscape theory is convenient for me, does not mean I will permit myself to be blinded at other possibilities. All my life I have trained to be free from egotism, all so I can think and see objectively.....(*feels my fingernails glowing with shock*), and thusbe able to handle the truth... .

Yea, something is up... . This world, this mindscape, reflects and attests an incapacitated individual going through *immense* pain, agony, loneliness and despair, ***clinging*** to life..... . And I have long passed such a state, so it seems anyway.

If options A or D are the truth, the only way for progress is their tourniquet being gently released by way of me and my abilities acting as a means of true healing..... . (*Sigh*). This stuff makes me nervous, but now it is time to meet my words with action....... .
Tags: mindscape, revelations, the yggdrasil effect, tourniquet
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