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Total System Collapse / Reality Rewiring

My gosh, what the heck???? Not only did I note a frenzied interruption at my Skype call yesterday, no..... . After updating my LJ, I was zipped around around an area called Ellijay (!?!!?!) (LJ.....Ellijay) last night..during pitch black darkness. The driver offered free food, free soda, and seemed to be freaking out....... . Getting back late after gem mining, I noted dude talking bout a 8am (!?!?!??!!!) gem mining trip....... . He obviously was freaking out at my latest Skype events....., and stalling at any chance of me using my trump card...... .

Well, this morning came, and I went, not wanting a showdown situation yet........(*feels my nails glowing in warning*). I found why I noted dude freaking out. This place has, today, *totally* gone *fluid*!!!!!!

I was treated to a free breakfast, but flipped when I witnessed the 666 price at the drive through screen.

This image is not doctored O_O........... . I snatched the paper from the bag, after noting the freaked out locals acting strange.

During gem mining, I felt a calling sensation, like my presence was being sought by somebody who really needed me........(*feels my fingernails glowing*)....somebody I care about.......... . Thinking of a certain person, the locals suddenly packed up, saying they wanted to go check a house that was for sale....in Ellijay..... . So, after packing up, I was shown a blue house (!?!), and given the offer to move in (??!??!) with the locals come winter. I was not enthused. But guess what??? It was then when I noted the locals suddenly announce a "surprise" cookout after the mining and house checking (*facepalms*). Well, that cookout plot backfired terribly....... .

To the store, I saw a tray of fresh cuts spilled in front of me. After grabbing a large slice that had the thickness I wanted....(*gasp*) I noted *THIS* when I checked at the "price"!!!!!

I laughed in the store (*cackles*). Yea, but guess what? I suddenly noted the driver dude freak out, saying to put back the cut. I wanted the cut for my dinner for tomorrow..... . I was like..."psh"....., refusing, and went on to get this evidence. My ears, head, whirred, and I felt **very** dizzy as I headed to the checking area.......... .

I have pyrokinesis and electromagnetic manipulation online right now, but I hope I do not have to be in a showdown tonight. The "cookout" is scheduled for 5:30pm (*facepalms*) (*feels my fingernails glowing*).

This song aligns with my feelings right now.

Today...this place is a mindscape, a thoughtscape, a dreamworld, *exposed*....... . Yea, and guess what, I have not even used my trump card yet.......on account of noting so much interference....... .
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