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This Is Not A "Cartoon" / Thigh Gap / Dinosaur Jokes At Hyperdimensional Beings' Sacral Brains

Oh woa.... . I had another fluidity event take place today, but I **willed** the event on (!!!). Since I have recently seen the hyperdimensional and true Tori in the real world above this place, the real Tori who is not related to any stupid and boring dueling nonsense, I decided to witness Yugioh Zexal this morning.

I facepalmed initially as I noted the standard features of masculinity and ambiguousness at gender which *define* anime..... . I wanted to see thigh gaps (*blushes*), hips, and properly aligned (and thus not dislocated) pelvic angles........, *ALL* of which attest the presence of sacral brain organs of real female beings. Yes, brain organs, neurological tissues, which make sentience, morality, agency, free will, empathy, imagination, and data processing possible. Those organs are the **only** way to escape solipsism, psychosis, autism, and (*winces*) "developmental disabilities"........ . (*Thinks about, as considers sacral brains, how I often noted a "dragon" or "dinosaur" " 'form' " (rather than a Negro man) during grave events when I witnessed Jehovah / God assaults*). (*Also thinks about how I have often noted "dragon jokes" at a very real fact that **only** pertains to hyperdimensional beings, the fact that said beings can and do, rather than generate vile odor possessing dung, generate and emit (*blush*) odor free and beautiful elemental crystals as a result of the food that they eat (and even that is optional)*).

As I watched the "anime"......I heard the "whirring" sound from yesterday's fluidity event (!!!!), and my gosh, **something** happened!!! In intervals, *blips*, I saw (??!?!) images that were **clearly** beyond anime! (*Feels my fingernails glowing in shock*). I...I noted i..images of (???) *hips* (!!!!!) possessing hyperdimensional Kari peeking through, as I *also* heard the cleaned up audio of Tori (falsetto not noticed as much, falsettos = artificial raising of voice pitch...for deception purposes)..which sounded *just* like the Tori who I have met in the hyperdimensional plane....... . Yea, uh, t...t..these broadcasts are fluid, and I think if I kept on or had more data processing available, I would see memories and / or images of home, whilst also noting the stupid duels, the stupid drama, and the belligerent and evil dudes disappear. (Woa, I feel a trickling under my left eye as I type, ..intriguing......).

This world is fluid. With every mental and emotional revelation, there is a shift. All the same, with every shift, thy shall also note an antagonistic reaction from 'them'........ . I only awakened the ability to verbalize about women's / hyperdimensional beings' anatomy within the last couple years..., but with every revelation, I noted mankind reactively demonizing at said revelations (and then creating compensating surgeries....just like with "breast implants" a couple decades back). I found about thigh gaps (*blush*) from visions, and boom, I noted demonizing at the very subject I **never* heard even whispered about back in the 90s. The same thing happened when I found about real women's hyperdimensional (literally and figuratively (*blush*)) bottoms. The same thing then happened when I found about hyperdimensional beings / women having totally different "between hips" and "undercarriage" (*goes red*) features.


Yea, I'm noting a war at my mind.......... . I even clearly remember reading at science journals that stated authoritatively that some dinosaurs had "butt brains". Now though, since finding that real and ancient beings *do* have brains in their lower bodies, preachers of science reject the past religious preachings.

I need to prepare myself.... . If every time I watch a broadcast in the future, said broadcast goes totally fluid and does not conform to "made in Japan by animators" lies, I will note mankind go *CRAZY*....... . 'They' freak out at the truth, and events that prove the nature / fluidity of this place...... . Yea, I found that yesterday O_O.

I give thanks to the beings who have made these new events / revelations / abilities possible. These are interesting times ^_^.
Tags: data processing, dragons, reality manipulation, special abilities, the yggdrasil effect
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