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Holy Hymns Of The Starry Realm / Writing During My Trump Card

I just experienced what seemed to be a portion of an omniversal church service O_O *^_^*. A beautiful assembly with beautiful music... . Music of undefeatable and pristine Goddesses... . Real Goddesses, oh my gosh...(*feels a tear trickle my right cheek"). Yea, my trump card does not mess around..... . (*Gulps*). My house walls cracked, strained, with the response of my being...to the cosmic procession I just heard. My little cabin literally strained...IRL.......to contain the holy energy which I was (unexpectedly) a conduit to. I perceived this world in waves for a moment.... .

Then....I sensed a cosmic expanse of a hyperdimensional nature..... .

And then I heard a choral acapella version of (!!!) (???) this.....melody,

but it was sung by Goddesses....... . My toes, my legs, my whole body (*blush*) resonated to the immaculate energy of their ho!y voices. I felt limitless prismatic energies rising from my feet.....and traversing through my whole body...before blasting into infinity. The energy was *limitless*........ . I felt dormant areas of my being, my mind, my soul, my emotions, stimulated, illuminated, and awakening by way of the holy light carried upon the voices of the Goddesses who I heard... . It was like I (???!!!???) (f*feels identity confusion*) was connected to a ***vast*** network of which I do not know how *I* could belong........ . Yes, for I sensed ***NO*** evil (!??!) within that network...... . I sensed * NO* hatred within that network. I felt a sensation of glowing wings, a set of IV upon my back IRL, and flashbacks came over me. Flashbacks (!?!) of me dancing across the tops of enormous flowers in some sort of cosmic orchard and flower nursery.... . (*Goes red as remembers hearing the words "how beautiful~~~" spoken by a loving female voice* (*feels a tear trickling down my face*)). More fllashbacks came, but that.....after (!?!??!) hearing the Eternal Sailor Moon theme (?!!?).... . I had flashbacks to a time where I, as (???) Sailor Moon..., passed candies to jubilant and ecstatic kids (!??!) amidst a big parade...and hugged the little children who came to embrace me *^_^*. Happiness was within my heart IRL, happiness that seemingly has been unchanged since the times the flashbacks indicated..... . IRL / in real life...I perceived the Goddess sourced holy energy brimming over me...spreading all through this mindscape realm, *seeding* this place and everything in it.... . The question is......seeding what???

So here I am now, exhilarated, filled with awe, and typing up this report. Startlingly, the planet seems quite still....considering what just happened.

If this *is* somehow my solo mindscape, why am I not noting swarms of 9.9's??? Then again, if somehow this *is* a shared mindscape or even the solo mindscape of a friend, why am I not noting surprised internet messages confirming what just happened? Hmmm, it's a mystery *^_^*.

Oh, it just realized something. Everything will work for the best ^_^. People who are meant to be in each other's lives will be in each other's lives. Those who seek to do good, will find a good person, good people, in their lives...... . Bad ones, doing bad, will be d*mned with the d*mned..... . Ones with flat butts and flat hips (men), will only be with those with flat butts and flat hips (men). Those who aspire for beauty for the sake of others, will find themselves unexpectedly having a magnificently and consummately healthy girlfriend (!!¡¡!!) who has curvy and lovely girlish hips, and an unmistakably feminine and startlingly beautiful round bottom (*blush*). The key is, even in times of uncertainty, to keep trying to do good...... . Doing so, you will find divine beings in your life, beings you can depend on and trust, beings who show the infinite potential of true friendship and true relationships (*gasps as I feel a kiss*).

Yea, I just want to thank everybody, my friends who are my true and only family. Wow!!! What an adventure! What a rush! I *love* this!!! I love the chance to be me *^_^*. Thank you, thank you so much! I know I witness 'a' 'lot' 'nasty' 'crap', and I know I have been through ordeal after ordeal, but I never regretted this chance to be alive. Thank you for giving me the chasnce to say that <------ last statement without lying. I love this, this chance to *live* and *meet* you. Thank you. Thank you for making life worth living.

*Prays in thanksgiving and worship to my omniversal hyperdimensional family*).


Omg. I just remembered. I heard *Dawn* speaking during the time before, after, or during the event. But...was it her? Did I note interference of an anime imposter? Either I heard *her* say the words "I am trialing too", or I noted a fake of the utter limits of anime's heights.......say a devious falsehood.... . How could Dawn be here......*now*???? And trialing with me???

*Blinks as hears unmistakable and telltale thunder in the sky amidst proofreading the above 3:19pm 9/26/16*.
Tags: communion, cosmic energy, flashbacks, goddesses, hyperdimensional lifeforms, special abilities, visions
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