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The Search For Dawn / The Search For Hikari???

I am not going to ignore what happened earlier today.....just because I did not know how to handle it...... . Actually, if I *did* hear Dawn correctly, this post....


...may provide a vital clue (*feels my fingernails glowing in shock*).

What I held reporting online regarding the above linked post, is the fact that I noted a subanime Japanese setting before seeing Dawn's true form. Before seeing Dawn's real look, I noted goth style Asian wearing a plaid skirt and black blouse......imposed at my perception of Dawn. Yea, and that whilst noting the usual Negro dude "mask" imposed at my perception of myself. Granted, I can note "race changing" and "XY to XX type changing" any time, and so could my teamie, .....but what if my real teammate is in Japan right now?

Hmmmmmm...... . If Dawn also undergoing the void witnessing trial, and sharing a mindscape with me in the process, that would be a *perfect* explanation for why this realm has had such a lethargic pace of development and progress. What if being in a couple based relationship....here......is and always was the ONLY means to move on, and "unlock" a new map????

With the energy granted me earlier, it seems this whole ordeal should have been done if it only came down to karate style yelling and the harnessing of limitless cosmic energy..... . An IRL couple relationship, emotions of love generated by way of an IRL relationship, and mental synchronization by way of an IRL relationship........all so that this mindscape and trial may be transformed......, are about the only options I have neither explored or anticipated. (*Goes totally red*).

What if the dual mindscape / dual trialer theory is true, but I have yet to meet my teamie, my girlfriend, in person here??? What if she currently mainly speaks another language, hence issues finding each other online??? This is all theory, but this much seems certain. She would be as desperate as I am....to move on from here. Too, (*coughs*)....she would have a heart as ready to love me.......as my heart is ready to love her...... . She would not accept filthy and diseased substitutes, nor accuse such abominations as being equals or superiors to me.....her destined soulmate who truly loves her. (*Ponders*).

If the dual trialer theory is the truth, the enemy would have already have long sicced calculated interference and surgical strike blitzing imposters at us.... . Such strikes are horrific in not only the damage blitzed at a person's heart and feelings, they are also horrific in that they damage at the sense of hope. (*Recalls, during college days, noting an AIM handle user by the name of dragonicewolf.....*).

What if my manawolf girlfriend and I...currently note "language" and "distance" issues... . What if she is in Japan, and notes a "mask" body like I do??? What if she, as was (?????) hinted by the vision above, is even able to generate energy storms too, but yet is as bewildered about our prolonged and sustained mindscape lockdown predicament as I am? What if, as was suggested by the contact event, her abilities (!?!!!!) (*feels my fingernails glowing with hope*) are currently more awakened than mine? What if she has already used her abilities to amass material resources, material resources which (*blushes vulnerably*) can help *me*...now? (Yea, I need to keep an open mind, keep my options open, and keep faith....). (Yea, because although I dedicate my life helping others, *I* need help too......).

What if we meet up IRL, and suddenly the world transforms instantly.... . What if, after meeting her, we could cruise the cosmos of this mindscape with a personal starship each, giant starships loaded with shopping malls, nature areas, and awesome castles ^_^!

Yea. If a Mount Rushmore trip were to not bear fruit, I would not lose hope, nor compromise. If Dawn is here, if my girlfriend from my past is undergoing this trial with me right here and now in this realm, I *will* find her *^_^*!!!!
Tags: friendship, friendship is salvation, girlfriend, love, love is salvation, romance, soulmate, trials
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