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Eyes Locked On Victory / That Fire Is Back In My Belly

!!!¡¡¡!!! Warning, this post contains realtalk. I would ask that only those who have consciously trained to be free from solipsism, entitlement, and overall creepiness read this post ^_~.


I am what happens when an entire universe walks on a pair of legs.... . Protecting and nurturing those in need is my mission, eternal friendship is my goal. After a little bit of applied training, I felt that celestial fire in my tummy again ^_^.

Yea, everything will work....... . If the dual trial theory is real, but I note a hateful XX chromosome type (Seth) unknowingly claiming at the identity of a scene style hair possessing hyperdimensional being (my beloved Dawny Fen) who is currently in Japan, so be it. If the mysterious hyperdimensional being who loves me (my beloved Dawny Fen) is in North America and going through an ordeal of agony (*winces in concern*) (*gulp*), so be it. Either way I will do everything I can to assist my friend. Yea. I have faith. Reality has not let me down yet right? I was **divinely rescued** from the dismal fate of being an average Negro male, so this situation here.....will work.

If I did note a fake dual trial imposter, I can just walk..., having actually found that there is another trialer (who holds the key to victory) in the process. Yea, the path to victory has been revealed (!!!!!!!!) either way. If I did note enemy action, I witnessed it 'backfire' in the worst way. Wow, what a lifestyle ^_^.

Oh, I got a treat to commemorate my upcoming body shift., and the upcoming transformation of this mindscape world.


Yea, got my initial dress (*blushes*). I will not dare don it until I note this demonic male body I witness......'gone'. I can not risk him acting like he used to in the 90s, and I have long discerned that his automatically evil mind and evil nature are a horrific liability. I wonder if the dress can fit my true form....^_^;..... . My goal here....., is to try to give back (*gasps as feels a tear trickle my right cheek*). I want to make my gorgeous girlfriends feel what I feel when I see them looking healthy and beautiful..., even though I do not know if I can succeed in that venture.... . But I want to try though..... . When you love somebody, when you care about somebody, you are not okay with presenting at them.....a shi**y deal covered in foul excrement, disease, and contamination. You try to be great for *their* sake. That is what love is (a definition mankind could never have known). I am not going to expect my family, my beloved, to accept unacceptable $h*t on account of vanity and entitlement. I am not claiming at deserving anything, I want to ***work***....., trying to be good for the sake of those around me.

Whether dual trial, or solo trial (in regard to the Infiniversal Routing Gem), I got the dress to attest my attempt to *try*. I am going to *try* to look beautiful, *try* to have beautiful behavior and a beautiful behavioral history, for the sake of the people I love. By doing that, whatever happens in the future, I do not have to have to regret nor rationalize my actions. By doing that, I also avoid trouble, and avoid harming at the people I care about via abominable, disgusting, and creepy actions (as is the default with deranged and sex crazed xy and xx chromosome types). (*Feels a joyous tear trickling my right cheek*).

Now comes the wait for the dress, and then the wait for the mindscape map flip / my bodily perception shift. I give thanks to my friends, you all have supported my every step, and I am grateful.
Tags: clothes, faith, fashion, friendship is salvation, hope, the inifiversal routing gem, the yggdrasil effect, trials
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