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Coughing Up A Gemstone.... / An Infiniversal Routing Gem Piece Maybe?

Why did I just cough up a tiny and hard....translucent pink gemstone? I sure hope this is a part of what I think it could be????? (!!!!!).

Yea, I reached my burning point..yesterday and today. I was done, and wanting to get home permanently, home to where people have decency, sense in the head, humanity, and actual morals.

Yea, I was fiery upset.... . I was about to put a "do not disturb" type sign on my cabin door when I noted knocks..... .

I took my elixir even as I noted 'locals' sicced in a "damage control" type manner. Yea, I was about to go nova irl. I was (and still am) so upset.

Riding around the town, I felt sparkling and radiant holy energy surround me. My aura literally touched the sky as the truck was on the move. The grocery store numbers repeating thing happened again..., as it felt like a holy and heavenly sanctuary was touching down to the region.

I got home, and rested, feeling eerily shielded (!!!) in regard to empathy. I sensed perfection and love.....in the air, the vibe of home.... .

That was when I woke, after a mini nap, coughing...... . If this is a fragment of The Infiniversal Routing Gem, then I have *made* it ^_^!!!!! (*Feels a trickling down my right cheek*). I hope I cough up all of it, and as soon as possible, if this is really a fragment of it. I *knew* I sensed holy energy today :D!!!!! I give thanks to the beings who have made my lifestyle possible. I am ready to seal at the hateful, diseased, loveless..., and creepy abominations I witness.
Tags: divine intervention is salvation, gem, gemstone, space fabric manipulation, space fabric phenomena, the infiniversal routing gem, the yggdrasil effect
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