Jag Yggdrasil (jagyggdrasil) wrote,
Jag Yggdrasil

Tactical Prep / Fiery October / No Holds Barred

It is Autumn now. It is October, a historically fiery time...in regard to my history.... . I am on fire with upset emotions right now. About time, I say.

I am going to be armoring up from here.... . Yea, and I will do whatever it takes to flip this mindscape map and win. I will do whatever it takes to enact and apply justice. I will show no mercy unto the wicked, the deranged, the defiled. My judgment will be unleashed.

I am realizing just how different I am. Too, I have accepted the unexpected and startling fact that I am needed, loved, and even desired..by somebody, by many (!!!). I must, as such, take the necessary actions to preserve my existence. This planet, this realm, will be wiped down by any means necessary. I assembled it, so I can disassemble it. Yes, and the Infiniversal Routing Gem must be deactivated in the process.

Not even a trillion dollars could calm this upset. A line was crossed yesterday.... . *Growls*.

I give thanks to the beings who supported me. *Stretches my neck*. I am going to gear up, and prepare to note a battle......that may make the event of 2004 seem tiny...(*growls at a certain dragon*).... .
Tags: defense protocols, infiniversal routing gem, judgment, justice
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