Jag Yggdrasil (jagyggdrasil) wrote,
Jag Yggdrasil

Localized Fluid Reality / A Monster Imposed At Who I Am

I just threw up in my mouth a little bit as I walked back to my place. I was physically in shock to see my words proven.

Before going to the office area below on this remote mountain, I just needed some air in an urgent kind of way. Air, and movies. I needed something to help me briefly shift my mind from the matters weighing so heavily upon me right now. (I am going to go sit and write in the mountain Autumn breeze after this post). So I headed to the office below, *specifically* seeking movies....... .

The office attendant talked about having gotten 13 new movies yesterday..... . I searched to the bottom shelf, and froze in terror and shock.......(*feels my throat tighten*). I am glad I did not throw up in the office.......... .

Just glancing upon the VHS boxes of the above movie in 90's video stores...used to cause me to tremble....and nigh go into convulsions in real life. Yea, I was *gravely* traumatized for an entire year after watching at the above movie. Only after meditating for years...., and visiting at "Godzilla's dimension", did I show myself the reason for my *intense* fear..... .

Fact is, both New Age and Christianity distort at the truth.... . While there is a world of infinite love and light, it is not overseen by a domineering God. Also, it is truly possible to witness demons and the d@mned....... . Reality lets a person both see perfect lifeforms, and witness the most d@mned and depraved abominations. To be in that perfect world of divine light......truly does take salvation, and never embracing sin willfully. Thing is, and why I was so terrified at the Biollante movie, is the fact that this trial involves literally perceiving an irredeemable and sinister monster...strapped at your mind, soul, heart, and identity....... . The reason I was so traumatized after watching the Biollante movie, was because it rung true to me in 1995 / 1996. Witnessing this movie shook me to my core, made me vomit, made me shake, made me cry, but ultimately set me on the road to progress. Maybe watching at this movie....is and was the only reason did not take up drug dealing ("the 'family' business" in Newport and Wilmington NC). Maybe watching at this movie, too, is the only reason I did not end up as another Negro ghetto father in Wilmington...who was doomed to rot in a jail cell for crime charges. To the innocent (and 'framed' 'at') hyperdimensional being whom it concerns, I apologize about yesterday, and I pray this apology is not too late.

Yea, after coughing up that gem piece yesterday, this place has been absolutely fluid. After the post this morning, I saw a cylinder shaped (!?!?) craft flying above my house.....as I rested on the couch. Wishing I could have another look upon the silver object (!??!), it was like reality "rewinded" (!??!??!!!?!!!?!!!) so that the craft flew the exact same pathway all over again....... . The same "reality rewind" glitch effect happened after I got back from the office...as I tried to feed wildcats. I noted the motions of leaping and jumping "SneakStar The Wildcat"......"rewound".

By the way, I have witnessed Matrix I, but not II and III. I can only surmise (!?!?!??!?!) my mind can now " bend" this place to my will steadily. I also have an explanation as to why coughing spells and wheezing overcame me during my brief gem deactivation event of 2006. I may have to cough up, or throw up (??????????????) the lens and device by which I get to witness Hell in a VR type format.

(*Noted knocks to the door and a cookout and bonfire invite*).

I will come back and proofread / update this later.
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