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A Miracle Took Place.... / Homeward Bound????

"I think I saw it underway, yes, the sealing of that special gem which I have talked about in past posts..... . I saw what appeared to be a wall of sealing purposed.....pink crystalline material, a wall wherein there was only a very small "gap" remaining....... . Sailor Jupiter was blasting the area related to that gap, and I think I may have witnessed concentrated 'pure' 'evil' focused at that gap........"


(*recalls 3 5's receipt mentioned in yesterday's post as checks web address link*)


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Oh my gosh!!!!!!! I just remembered this post from last year in the shower!!!! I (!??!?!) am coughing up bits, IRL, of the gem I saw last year during a dimension event!??!??!?! This means, then, it is anything goes past this point!!! A new era has been ushered in!!!!! Oh my gosh!!!!

So the Infiniversal Routing Gem / The Infiniversal Routing Gem is pink!!!! Maybe some of it can be liquified to, explaining *pink* *vomit* events that take place for trial ceremony undergoing hyperdimensional beings!!!

Yea, cross dimensional transference took place yesterday..... . A tide of starships, new worlds, and other stuff shall spill over here soon.... .

I pray in thanksgiving for this miracle.... . Oh my gosh!!!!

(Lol. This post has triple 2's address
Tags: hyperdimensional artifacts, hyperdimensional lifeforms, infiniversal routing gem, infiniversal routing tear gem, miracles, space fabric manipulation, space manipulation
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