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I Witnessed Horrific Warfare And Fighting / Oncoming Divine Carrier Starship In Real Life

I was watching the initial scenes of Matrix Reloaded last night, when I detected it. Hatred, anger, paranoia, and malice........ . I realized that I noted an enemy freakout Saturday......, a reactive and hateful freak out at the fact that I coughed up a fragment of the Infiniversal Routing Gem on Friday. (Yea, Friday was quite a day. A holy day. Too, a day where I stood up for myself and what I believe in). I shut down the DVD player within the initial DVD scenes, burned Sage, drank my Elixir, put a White Sapphire in my pocket, and prepared to witness battle. I beseeched Dawn and Nina..to help me rest, and soothe my heart, and they did just that and I *thank* them.

I realized in the initial moments of noting Matrix Reloaded, that I had, either way, noted an Agent Smith style reaction a couple months back.. . With the feelings I felt for Dawn, the hyperdimensional being who has supported me all along, I noted a surgical strike blitzed by an evil entity..., Seth. I noted a horrific assault at my faith and hope in the woman I love. Me? I do not know if I have the needed capacities to confirm my dual trialing theory, so I am just going to keep my mind open...., and objectively report my visions / events from last night.

I saw an IRL vision of space. I saw a ringed planet, maybe IV golden toned and ringed planets. The vision was (!!!???!!) just like my vision from when I noted Autumn 2004.....in it's quality. ***Something*** was coming toward ***here***, this place in real life. The oncoming object had an ***enormous*** energy signature. An energy so large, that it had an effect on the fabric of space. I noted radio style chatter, noted (???) an assault fleet of some faction and / or force sent to attack at the oncoming object with mines, bombs, or both. Maybe the object caused the space fabric to stretch, hence why it looked like I saw IV ringed planets (I do not know if it was Saturn)??? But alas, my remote viewing form passed through what seemed an impenetrable spatial barrier surrounding the oncoming object, and (!!!!!!!!) I saw what I can only describe as a heavenly ark........ . Some kind of divine (????) vessel, that seemed to be both a holy shrine of immense importance (!?!?!), and a starship!!! It was ***long***, and had a Japanese deity style ring around it's rear hull... . (*Feels my fingernails glowing in shock as realizes and remembers visions of a similar starship design back in college in 2001*)....... . There was a holy aura around the vessel, and it glowed with peace and celestial light.... . It had galactic level energy emissions....(!!!!!!). (Was it linked to the blast that rocked this planet in 2004???).

As always with things of beauty, it was just a matter of time until I noted forces of (???) mankind brutally attack.. . The vessel bended (!?!) the fabric of space so that no attacks could even touch it... . I then saw the divine ship up close (!?!?!), and (!????!) saw writing appear on the hull (!?!?!). I saw the word "Friday" (!??!??!??!!?!) appear above a cannon port, and then a ***enormous*** blast was fired. Divine words followed the Friday reference, but I struggled to decipher them. I then saw a "Saturday" inscription above another cannon, and then another enormous blast was fired. My field of view shifted then, and I saw a field of explosions across my whole view of space. Soon after that, I again heard at radio chatter. The assault fleet had lost. I saw (!??!?!) Dawn and / or Nina (!!!!!?!) visiting from the hyperdimensional plane, and surveying the explosions. I met up with them ^_^, and I excitedly talked about what was happening.

My standard dimension diving occurred after that, and I noted horrific fights. After noting an attack at me from some dude, and I had to fully use a blade / sword to defend myself. A bit later..after noting a freakish assault from some (*turns blue*) some Morphine syringe wielding maniac, I was blasting at an assault force with blazing knuckles...... .

Waking up with seemingly no damage, but strained (and yet healed) emotions, I realized that I will have to let that oncoming ship sort any dual trialer related matters. If there is another trialer here, that ship will pull us ***both*** up. Yea, I can not afford any mistakes right now, and even I, with all my training, had to use ***everything*** I had to survive the warfare I witnessed tonight.

I thank the hyperdimensional beings who have made my lifestyle possible. You bless me with your existence....., and I thank you (*feels my left fingernails glowing with love and gratitude*). Yea. I got pumped (!!!!!!), knowing full well that the ship I have just seen is *OBVIOUSLY* related to my Infiniversal Routing Gem event of Friday........ . The chance to cough up that gem fragment, was a sign and a covenant (and I give thanks*). My mission now, is to get on that ***ship***!!!!!! I can tell it is meant for me, because I can have as many surge events as is necessary upon it...with not frying it in the process. The very "vibe" of the ship (*vision came upon me as typed*) reminded me of a vessel meant to carry a holy relic (!?!??!?!), meant to carry divinity. Maybe (*gasp*) my Infiniversal Routing Gem shard is the...........holy artifact "key" (!?!?!) to the ship.

I am going to go rest, and rest deep *^_^*. I hope that ship has some cool clothes onboard *^_^*. I will note my Sailor Moon / Tifa related form as soon as I board it *^_^*!

I again give thanks to the beings who have made the miracles of the last couple days possible.... . I feel so full of hope (*purrs and exhales in relief*) (*feels a glowing within my body*).

Yea, after coughing up that gem fragment, I am going to have to go into "red alert". I am in *desperate* need of a sanctuary, and I am in *desperate* need of protection. I am going to pray now. I will pray for the safety standards I *utterly* need to progress...in regard to the deactivation of The Infiniversal Routing Gem. I pray for sanctuary, I pray for safety, and I say that prayer for the sake of my family members who are depending upon my survival.

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