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Feeding Time / Why Am I Being Offered A House Now???


After noting freaky stuff all day, Anastasia and Jordie (Jordie = nigh anime level stripper / ex prostitute I blasted electricity at irl in the past) sent a text...... . I was not even thinking about the hurricane much.......till now. Yea, I generated it..... . My Yggdrasil Effect generated it. It is my food. It is my meal.

"How much energy does a hurricane have? A lot. No, seriously, a whole lot. Enough energy, it would seem that such storms can rival the most advanced particle colliders and produce both gamma rays and antimatter"


I cried in pain as my heart struggled to function......the other day. Not one of mankind cared about me..... . I rolled over, gasping, gasping in breaths, gasping until my beloved came to my side. She thankfully healed me to the point I could move again, and I grasped my heart medicine and chugged..... . (*Feels my fingernails glowing with gratitude*). (Yes, and I thank her). (*Feels my fingernails glowing with love*).

When I woke next, woke to my perspiration drenched state, burns were noted as I examined my body... . An upset fire was in my heart........ . I was hungry to respond at what I noted a week ago......... .

Yea. I want to act now, even as a divine ark is on the way. I want to shake this planet. I want to go to another level...... . Yea, but, as such, I have witnessed crazed countermeasures sicced at my way. Locals have been offering free food, and today I even noted a brick house offered at me (paired with some glaucoma related housing voucher thing (which means 500$ saved a month)). A brick house with a little gemstone laden stream (!?!?!) running through it, and a gemstone carrying mountain river across from it. A brick house near yet *another* gem mine. A rural home with a big yard, III bedrooms, a clean and modern bathroom, and a (!??!?) very very very large basement (lol, basement joke maybe noted (*cackles*)). I witnessed a lease handed at me.......after checking through the place. Yea, but know what though? Know what happened next kiddies??? (*Feels my eyes glowing red*)............. .

As I read at the lease, I noted "the 'owner's' name". Dawn.........O_O............. . Yea........(*shakes my head*). (*Clutches my head*). Last name, I do not want to reveal here.....(*facepalms*). I had to get myself a Dairy Queen strawberry milkshake after that.... . I was ***done***......... . Why????? Why...., when I am suddenly offered a house, did I have to see at that name!?!?!!?!?! Why??????? (*Facepalms*). I even am noting a local "charity organization" dumping money at me irl, citing glaucoma assistance and sponsoring the move......(!?!?!!?!)..... . What on Earth is going on???? (*Recalls at the "money spell" of a certain someone....witnessed via Skype last week*). I thought that last Friday / Saturday would put a close to stuff like this.... . Ulgh (*rolls over, utterly flustered and confused*)....... . I even noted a pink bathroom (*cackles*)... . That, and talk about (*groans*) the nearby Highlands wilderness areas being part of a wild red wolf habitat.......(!?!??!!!?!!!?!?). How could this be happening??? Why????

Know what? Maybe I just noted a joke. Right? Ulgh........ . If I move into the house though (*cringes and groans*), I will take a photo of the lease........... . Also though, if I move, that means my rock video studio will be setup by January as I await the arrival of my ark...... . Yea.... . I think I need to calm down.....? There should be no chance of a certain someone (*coughs*) contacting from now on...... . Yea...... . (*Purrs*). (*Laughs*). But....., I still have to ask....... . Who is this house really for?????? (*Feels my mouth crackle with electricity*). Maybe I just noted a joke, and I'll note "something come up", such as the house "failing inspection"........ . If not though, oh gosh (*facepalms*)........(*flops over*).

Oh, my tablet got semi fried by my energy since last Friday and Saturday's festivities (along with a nearby car)...., so maybe I will post soon, but then again....maybe not.
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