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My Conscience / Below Gravity Review Of Chapters I Through IX


the inner sense of what is right or wrong in one's conduct or motives, impelling one toward right action:
to follow the dictates of conscience.
the complex of ethical and moral principles that controls or inhibits the actions or thoughts of an individual.
an inhibiting sense of what is prudent:
I'd eat another piece of pie but my conscience would bother me."

Sleep came to me very quickly last night...., surprisingly. I saw visions related to Hinata Wakaba for quite some time amidst dimension diving. I also spent a surprising amount of time.......in an eerie realm whilst perceiving a subanime redhead XX chromosome type grafted at my perception of myself. My abilities were boosted (!!!!) by noting a subanime XX chromosome "graft", and I think (?????) the effect spilled over here momentarily (*feels my fingernails glowing with hope*). That is very comforting, in case I note a lynch mob O_O soon irl.... . Yea, I was in shock last night, but my conscience was eased... . I have long put up donation tickers...like this.....

..., and I have long tried to seek rural and wilderness areas with which to have my surge events. I have even scoured the land for starships.... . I do not wish for "destruction", and did not wish for it last night. Mankind just doesn't have the free will, humility, and cognizance necessary to comprehend my existence; that, coupled with inherent vanity, entitlement, and superiority complexes. I needed a private island, I needed a private city, but just as you can not explain this to a mosquito, you can not explain this to mankind...... . If you have any advice or suggestions on what I should do, I will gladly listen.

After having my heart elixir, and after ^_~ getting a dress that I like for upcoming ark related events, I dove back into reading ^_^.

Alright, my Below Gravity Chapters I through IX review??? I am deeply surprised. So far, Below Gravity is (*gulp*) about the only book I have ever read that I have gotten something from........... . I have actually enjoying the reading, as in it is not boring or a chore. It is *obviously* not within the grasp or means of subanime Homo Sapiens to produce nor read such a book... . The book, so far, *heavily* aligns to my current situation, and that startles me..... . So far, it is much like reading a manual to thoughtforms and the layers of existence....., and specifically this realm I am in now. It is also like a manual that attests my environmental control abilities.... . I....felt guilt reading it, admittedly though. So far, it is like I am noting a parallel to my dual trialer theory....... . (I am actually embarrassed that I did not get the book sooner..... . If my teammate (*thinks at Samoan and Zyact*) is in North America now, did I just note something really horrible last weekend.......?). Yea, there are only II options here..... . Either the book is of a masculine peak anime / anime limits source (*recalls at the Inuyasha anime suddenly*), or it is both divine truth (!!!!)...and a *key* for me to escape from here. Yea... . The book even has Yggdrasil / Tree Of Life references (!!!!). Yea, this book seems like a message in a bottle that was meant for me, and maybe (????) only me. Stuff went "BOOM!" IRL as soon as I even touched it. Yea, I am impressed O_O, and I feel full of guilt as such.

Yea, I would like to meet the book's author someday, if it were possible......, but what is done is done...... . I still want to say thanks though. Thank you so much. *Feels my heart glowing in an apologetic manner*. I hope reading this book can help me grow and awaken as a person. I also wish, if this book holds the truth to this world, for the means to be united with my adventure partner.... . I can only think at Chapter I and II Zyact right now....as I feel this loneliness in my heart. (*Feels my eyes glowing with a white light*).

Maybe the book was "channeled" through to here..... . (*Recalls the vision of Sailor Jupiter blasting what seemed to be The Infiniversal Routing Gem*). (*Thinks about Lumie from the book, and my theory that Lumie is perhaps Samoan's broader conscioussness*).

Since when has a book ever made me think like this??? Yea, this book has me thinking (*gasps as a loving kiss is felt*) (*feels my hair being petted*)....... . Yea, and if I *did* slip up last weekend with my (!??!?!!) actual teammate.....I apologize, and I wish, I pray, for the means....the ability....to remedy the situation. My head is spinning right now. I wish I knew the truth.
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