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Tremendous Awakening / Tremendously Boosted Abilities

This is just a notification that epic things have taken place irl. I have gone through the kind of awakening that only takes place every decade or so...... . I am being inundated with visions, new information, recovered ancient memories, and new abilities.... . My data processing capacities are opening up to new kinds of levels that I did not know would even be possible for me.

If this tablet holds up, IV posts are coming this week. Post IV will involve YouTube documented gem mine crew interviews..where my new abilities are talked about. Specifically black hole related phenomena going on *locally* now.

What happened to make this all happen? (*Thinks*). (*Recalls the seismic black hole manifestation event that took place locally after I touched a certain artifact*).


I think I have an idea ^_~..... .

Ok then... . As soon as I gather the energy, I will cover the events that took place yesterday, and conduct the interviews on the gem mine.

I give thanks to the roaming mysterious being who brought on this transformation event which has been due for nearly a decade. I also give thanks to our fellow family members. (*Blushes as the word "marriage" flashes through my mind, as newly recovered memories of the distant and vibrant past (!!!!) flood through my mind*). (*Feels my fingernails glowing very brightly with love*). (*Grins as feels "her" caress through my hair irl*). I feel like a new person, because I literally have reintegrated portions of my being that were dormant / comatose / fragmented..... .

My gosh...(*feels a tear of awe trickling my right cheek*). (*Notes the "Sky's The Limit" theme from the 90's heard, as I feel ready to dance a bit*). (*Gasps as feels "her" caress*). (*Goes totally red*). (*Smiles happily*).

*Goes to chill with my girlfriend*. (*Feels my fingernails glowing with hope*).
Tags: awakening, cosmic energy, transformation
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