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Gateway Events / Mindscape Map Flip Events

I may have to push back those IV posts I talked about...... . After experiencing a dimension flux headache event Wednesday that had me noting locals stumbling around, and after feeling bolts of energy crackle across my aching brain on that same day, this mini report is about all I can do.... .

Yea, the area around my immediate vicinity has gone totally fluid...... . I am even just talking openly about my abilities irl on the gem mine, and that after what took place last Friday.

About that, Friday and the last week or so....., a swarm of Gamma Ray Bursts (*thinks of the megaquake related GRB of December 2004*) has been taking place.

http://earthboppin.net/talkshop/space/messages/35692.html (Friday Oct 7)

http://earthboppin.net/talkshop/space/messages/35719.html (Tuesday Oct 11th)

http://ibas.iasf-milano.inaf.it/161010A.html (Monday Oct 10th)

http://earthboppin.net/talkshop/space/messages/35647.html (Tuesday Oct 4th)

http://earthboppin.net/talkshop/space/messages/35587.html (Saturday Oct 1st)

Last week...I was in this place, rolling in agony, and clutching my heart, not even knowing that (!?!?!) proof of my divine ark vision's "blasts" was taking place.


"I saw the word "Friday" (!??!??!??!!?!) appear above a cannon port, and then a ***enormous*** blast was fired. Divine words followed the Friday reference, but I struggled to decipher them. I then saw a "Saturday" inscription above another cannon, and then another enormous blast was fired."

All it takes is a direct Gamma Ray Burst of sufficient size, and victory is mine (!!!!!)!!!!!!


Now I see why I noted a late night "Highlands zone house rent offer" by phone...like I did (Tuesday night 11:30pm (from a freaked out....Dawn)).. . My desire to be with my girlfriend for Christmas, is literally.....shaking the very heavens above. (*Swoon exhales*). (How romantic). The blasts also caused an enormous event yesterday morning..... .

A mindscape map flip (!!!!!) happened, and I, noting Yugi grafted at my perception of myself, witnessed Tristan and Joey Wheeler (!?!?!??!) arguing and fighting a horrible fight... . A mall and parking lot background was observed, and I noted Tristan kick Joey in the leg :/....... . I then witnessed Joey crack Tristan's jaw with a horrible haymaker.....(*feels my fingernails glowing in disgust*). I felt nauseous as I watched Tristan hit the asphalt with a sickening thud. I concentrated, willing another map (!!!!!!). After everything went dark, I soon perceived myself flying....., flying above an enormous city...... . Gazing to my right, I noticed (???) beyond anime level Rukia, and beyond anime Orihime (*blushes*) flying with me...over the city below...and into a gorgeous sunset (!!!!) ^_^. They were so cute in their adorable school uniforms *^_^*. Others were with us (*cackles*) (*feels my fingernails glowing with hope*), and it felt like we were a family (!!), a team (!!!). Gazing into the loving smiles of beyond anime Rukia and Orihime...gave me hope (*feels a tear trickling my face*). My loneliness was eased (*exhales in relief*). Eased even as the map flip dropped again (why????????)........ .

I do not know what will happen next, but I need to be around real people. People capable of love, free will, and friendship. I need to be with my girlfriend. I need to be in a real relationship. I was not meant to be alone. I do not want to be alone. I pray that what needs to happen will happen, and I give thanks for the chance to experience these new emotions. I thank everybody who has helped me to this current level. Let's see what happens next.


*Prays and wishes for perfect and eternal safety, health, happiness to be granted unto my girlfriend*.

*Prays and wishes for limitless safety and perfect health to be eternally granted unto everybody of the hyperdimensional / beyond anime....plane*.
Tags: astronomy, friendship, gamma ray burst, hope, hyperdimensional lifeforms, love, prayer, visions
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