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This Is What Love Looks Like / Meeting With "Her"

"has expanded his use of executive power beyond bounds of earth, signing an executive order Thursday to prepare the federal government to deal with the effects of space weather events."


That there is proof yall. After my latest GRB events, the above takes place. Can you see it now? Can you see the scale and the scope of what is coming?

This is real. My feelings for the girl I love, hath the heavens and Earth saturated with cosmic energy. Yea, and know what? I met her last night...... .

I sat beside her, telling her my feelings...... . (*Recalls her shoulder length hair*). (*Purrs*). Yeaaa ~~~. I look forward to Christmas with my beloved ^_~. Everything is falling into place. I pray in thanksgiving for the chance to truly love another with all my heart and soul, and thus wield the abilities that come with said love.

I love life, and the lessons therein. I thank my girlfriend and our fellow hyperdimensional family members for showing me who I am, and what I am capable of. I thank my girlfriend and our fellow hyperdimensional family members for showing me what a heart that can love is capable of.

(By the way, this is still not part of that aforementioned IV post series..).
Tags: cosmic energy, dawn, friendship, love, news, senjutsu, special abilities
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