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It's Up To Me Now.... / I Want To Be A Guardian Of Hopes And Dreams


Another big cosmic blast yesterday hunh O_O........^_^.

I give thanks to the beings who made yesterday's posts, yesterday's fun possible :D *^_^*!

Yea, I feel peace shimmering within and through my entire being. I have reached a new level. Yea. It is up to me? Yep. It is up to me to try to lead by example....(*feels my fingernails glowing in shock*)...(*blinks*). It is up to me to try to show who and what a real female is...... . I have to do it, I want to do it, to try to protect the holy dreams and hopes of those delicate souls who would believe in the possibility and existence of fun, virtuous, magical, mentally developed, and inspirational girls.... . Yea, that, whilst not even knowing if I have what it takes..... .

Hmmmmm. Maybe that is why I have been granted so much omnidimensional cosmic energy......? After my communion events with Goddesses, I can only surmise that I, apparently, was (!!!) meant to represent an entire people...... (!!!!!) (*notes my eyebrows raised with worry*). I hope I can possibly have what it takes...... . (*Feels nervousness in my heart*).
Tags: astrophysics, cosmic energy, gender, life goals, mission statement
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