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A Voice In The Black Expanse / The Ultimate Adventure

I am impressed O_O.... . Reality is giving me all I can handle, and this, life, truly is the ultimate adventure... . (*Tearfully gulps*).

Last night in the expanse, a voice was speaking to me.... . The voice asked me to watch a film that I was given last night...to an irl dinner I was invited to...... . I was even shown, telepathically, the movie contents being assembled and / or manipulated on the spot.... . The voice was clearly intending me to watch The Seventh Son...., a point generated movie meant to communicate a delicate topic.... .

Oh my gosh (*exhales*).....(*facepalms*). Was the movie a point generated cry for help??? Was it a warning about my future :/...???? It was, basically, showing me an aged version of....um...the dragon person.....I had noted during black expanse events last month......... .

The film portrayed a lonely, sad, and (?!?) frightened individual....who had fallen in love, but felt abandoned at.....(*shivers*)..... . (*Gulps*).

(*Facepalms*).... . It also mentioned a stubborn old knight-like dude that (!?!?!) would not admit "his feelings", nor the details of the past..... .

Okay, I...I...I, in response to (*feels my heart tugging*) what happened last night, will admit it? I do not know how or why, but I did fall in love.....(*facepalms*).

(*Feels stunned*)... . Maybe (*gulps*) I was looking for any reason to run, so I went digging... .

I just do not want to "go back"....(*recalls at the utter misery of my initial couple decades here*). I clawed my way to this existential state I now experience. I was *so* *lonely* before. I was *miserable*....!!! I do not even know how I made it..., before my visions and abilities awoke... . (*Suddenly feels the gravity and physics shifting in my bedroom*). (*Smells a sweet smell*).

If this is read, if you want to message me again, please feel free. I loved talking with you, and the days of yore were so happy, exciting, and fun. I just do not know what I can do for you if you do decide to message me again. I also, apologize (*feels my fingernails glowing with guilt*)... . I am having to piece myself together on the go..... . I am not claiming to be perfect, I just strive for it.....(for the sake of those I care about).

After last night's events, I had some kind of new event take place.... . I noted a tall anime "bishounen" grafted at my self perception for a *very* long time. Yea, a dude *I* O_O....do not remember choosing....(as if I got caught up in (???) (???) another's map flip event). The scenario eventually lead to me soaring / flying into an enormous coliseum, and into a wrestling ring.....where I quickly defended myself at two attacking (???) demonic lords.

Yea, I am kinda shaken up..... . This really is...all real...........(*shakes my head*). Point generated movies I never even heard about...taking place and all. Just incredible....... .
Tags: magic, planes of existence, reality manipulation
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