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Below Gravity Reading Update / Utter Shock / The Search Is Over

(*Gulps*). It is all over now.....:P. I have already witnessed 'The End' (of the boring and predictable Homo Sapiens paradigm witnessed since 1986)...... . I just did not know it. Below Gravity practically has my hair standing up with shock...... . I am mind blown.... . The book is having an effect on my very life, and my very performance...... .

Then...taking into account what happened with The Seventh Son movie, and then taking into account what happened last week (which I have not reported yet) about that house stuff....(*shakes my head*), there is no turning back....nor denying the truth..(*chuckles*) ^_^.

Yea, I am just in shock. I mean, noting Below Gravity basically "spilling the beans" about how this place and reality works....and all (for hyperdimensional bengs with the necessary data processing capacities, and the necessary space fabric based existential state). Wow...... .

I have been waiting for this moment for decades. Yea. This is definitely a new age... . Why did I not see it until October?????

Yea, I was reading about The Other Side....today as I read Below Gravity..... . (*Recalls at Clariss*).... . That was when I realized that the book, and the interactions since the late summertime, were not a coincidence..... . I get it now.. . (*Feels my face burning a blushful red as remembers interactions in that meadow zone with the luminous being with the brown hair fringe*).

Yea, I am going to go ahead and get the other pair of books. (*Thinks of the (now sleeping) brown-haired being with the fringe hair bang who loves me*). (*Feels my fingernails glowing with the response of love*). I need to make these books my focus for this month, and as such...I need to put gem mining, and house stuff to the side..... . They, the books, are the key to me moving on from here...... . Yea, and that fact flew entirely over my head......before reading Below Gravity (*facepalms*) (*laughs in embarrassment*)..... .

Neat thing too.....is how my Infiniversal Routing Gem theory "fits right in"...., as if, someday, that would be what a book IV is about.

Yea. I will get the books... . Just the initial book...caused an enormous awakening for my mind, soul, heart, and abilities (*recalls the exploded truck and the Gamma Ray Bursts*) (*recalls the vision related key ship I assembled in the manner spoken of by Below Gravity*). Too, the initial book has synched me with a mysterious being (*blushes*).... . (*Feels a loving caress as I type*). (!!!!!).

(*Purrs*). Yea, I am going to get the books..(*recalls that Gamma Ray Burst swarm*). I just, too (*feels my throat tighten*), want to be with her again in that expanse........., the roaming cosmic being with the fringe hair bang...... . (*Recalls the peace she felt as she was within my arms*). Yea, and I ***know*** the other books will take me to the next levels of my awakening, and thus to her.

I give thanks for the chance to read Below Gravity, and I give thanks for the experiences of the past couple months. I also thank the mysterious being directly related to the book. (*Yearns to hug her*). My gosh. To think I was *directly* (!!!) contacted, and made aware of the book... . Yea, my mind is blown..... .

Yea, I can put my Japan travel thing to rest... . (*Sighs in relief*). Not like an airplane can handle my irl energy generation anyway (*recalls noting a zapped car even today*) ^_~. (*Wonders if she, the fringe hair bang possessing being whom I love, "hops bodies" in here*)..... . (*Remembers how, during the irl flight to Japan VI years ago, I (!!!) briefly hopped bodies as a grave heart crisis event took place. I "hopped" to a previously catatonic seeming kid on the plane*). (*Realizes if she did do a life-saving (for her life, and mine (*feels my fingernails glowing vulnerably*)) emergency body hop back in 2004 or earlier....that there may still be a hope and a chance of saving her (!!!!), and completing The Infiniversal Tear Gem trial...with her*) (*mentally hears the MMII victory theme*).. . (*Realizes that she has an actual physical body (like I do) in the hyperdimensional plane (which is way way way.....waaaaaaaaaaaaaay beyond this eerily layered....and tiny psionic / mindscape zone), her true body that has been protected and safeguarded all along in the real physical world*).
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