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What A Fluid And Scripted Day Feels Like...

*Smiles*. ^_^. Yea, I *need* to cover what went down last week while I can. (*Chuckles*). Yea, this is a post of that series of IV mentioned last week.

You may be wondering why I calmed down so much after October 10th? Okay, here goes.

So, last Monday morning, I noted that "charity organization" vehicle arrive..... . I was invited to hang around (*gulps, amidst feelings of guilt*) the charity organization worker before the 2pm house voucher appointment...... . Yea, and I learned a lesson in the process (*feels my fingernails glowing with shame*).

IRL I have long noted angle closure glaucoma and heart issues...... . However, the main focus of the charity organization (*winces*) (*felt my fingernails glow*) seemed to be...um..related to Homo Sapiens with "special needs" / "developmental disabilities"..... . Me, having (during that time) had glaucoma and heart issues kept in check with herbal medicines and algae, did what I could to try to help..... .

I pushed wheelchairs to the lunch room, offered encouragement, and tried to behave tactfully. I felt real guilt in my heart...as I witnessed ones that...couldn't do things that I can do with ease........ . It then dawned upon me.... . A person can only do....what their mental resources allow them to do.. Anime Homo Sapiens are......"special needs level".......at the example of hyperdimensional beings. Subanime Homo Sapiens are "special needs level" to anime Homo Sapiens... . It would not be right for a hyperdimensional being to preach to those that had no option to do better, no free will with which to do and be better..... . All my upset emotions, and my hurt feelings, were drastically soothed (*feels another tear trickling my face*). Yea, with only I brain of VII online, I noted mainly straight A's in college..... . Although I witnessed obstacles at my path in life, I always danced through, awakening ability after ability in the process. Oh how I felt ashamed......as I volunteered that day......... .

I still tried to keep my head though. Just because I felt pity and grief, did and does not mean I will let myself be killed by aggressors, bills, violence, and etc.... . Just means I, as always, refuse to hate. Yea. I had to learn at enemy disabilities through observation, 'they' never intended to tell me.... .

So, now comes the other part of this report... . I perceived a fluid day, oh yea, but I *also* noted God's 'intentions' exposed. Before the drive to the meeting, the charity worker driver (XX chromosome type) claimed to need to go back home to Otto. Pulling up to a startling......log cabin estate with flowing waterfalls, the worker explained (!?!?!?!) how their friend had had a nervous breakdown (!?!?!), and how they were blessed to have such a nice house with which to help their friend recover.... . The worker also explained (*raises eyebrows*) how God gave them the house, listed for 450,000$, for only 400$ a month so that they could help people......like their friend who had had a nervous breakdown, and the special needs ones they regularly assist.

(*Groans in shock*)...... . I then thought about (*gulps*) my whole reason for seeking a house, and then recalled at the "house owner" named Dawn (*facepalms*).... . A cosmic energy surge then took place for me realtime...., causing me to note (????) the charity worker talking about "The Holy Spirit" being in the car.......(*shrugs*).

Ok! So ^_^; the 2pm appointment time rolled near.... , and I was early to the office.... .

Being silly, I grabbed at a marriage pamphlet *^_^*...... .

(*Feels my face burning red*).... . Yea, and I *gasped*, maybe even *SQUEAKED*, as (!!!) I suddenly heard, whilst reading, "Hungry Like The Wolf" (!?!??!?!) by Duran Duran.....playing on the office PA system (*gasps as a kiss is felt*)....(*feels my fingernails glowing in a startled manner*) (*feels a tear trickling my face due to the kiss*). (*Feels a touch to my right hand*). I almost threw the pamphlet in shock (*gulps*). The next song to come on (*facepalms*) was *this*.... .

Yea, the same song I posted (*groans, almost crying*) a couple months back.....after a certain expanse event......(*reels*) with a certain wolf being.... . I swear on my life...I am not lying about this. (*Feels my fingernails glowing with zeal*).

Within moments, I witnessed the house voucher meeting, and noted "God's will" again. The supervisor was saying how, for me, and because of Carolyn (the one from the phone message in a previous post) putting in a good word for me, it was okay for me to have a "special friend" (!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!) stay with me......... . I was then told that the offer only applied to me, and I would only have to bring the "special friend" in to meet the supervisor...and then everything would be okay for them to stay........however long it may be O_O......... .

I was kinda done yall......... .

Me? I just have my hands in the air.... . If the "special friend" (*gasps as a kiss is felt (!?!?!)*) 'they' kept referring at needs a place to stay, specifically that house...if a move does happen......okay......, but I will be staying in a tent in the backyard or under the bridge in front of the house lol :P.......... . And that if I even make it to the house. Maybe I have noted "God"....."change his mind" by now though.... .
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