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House Of Art / An Artist's Sanctuary / Household Mission Statement

(Just a heads up, the interview video referenced last week in my series of IV posts.... may have to be made into pieces. I will, however, film an Autumn drive and some gem mining near Highlands this weekend *^_^*).

I was visited by my gorgeous (*purrs*) black / white expanse being moments ago. She had a lovely and brown hair bang going down her face, and her skin glowed with (*gasps as a kiss is felt*) (*feels my fingernails glowing a blushful pink light*) a soft celestial light...... . She was also wearing a gorgeous and elegant pure white and chocolate tones (???) neat neo (??) gothic like layered mini dress (*exhales in awe to these times*)...... . W......Why does (*gulps*) my vitality feel back online somewhat??? (*Glances to my chest*). (*Blushes totally red*)...... . I do feed and heal on love hunh...? (*Facepalms and sighs*). (*Laughs nervously*).

Okay... . The house just has to pass inspection, and then it is on...... .

If no "issues" pop up, I am going to have an artist sanctuary and studio online soon.... . Though I noted grievous events within the last month, my intentions and my offer still stand unchanged. I want to provide a sanctuary. A sanctuary with telescopes, electric guitars, electric mandolins, amplifiers, Sapphires, Rubies, Quartz boulders, and more..... . My goal is a drama free art sanctuary.....for myself and....any friends who need it. Yes, a place that is both an observatory to the stars via irl telescopes, and an observatory to the inner depths of our own hearts, minds, and souls by way of the art we make...... . The location is surrounded by beautiful creeks and scenic mountains. The river in front the house is *loaded* with gemstones along the shore (Garnet, Topaz, Quartz, Rubies, Sapphires, Corundum, Sillimanite)....... . Surprisingly, there is also a decent grocery store O_O...(which has just been built)....just a quarter of a mile away. While it is rural and scenic, it is not something from "Deliverance" lol :P.

This is obvious, but dimension events would be a regular feature there.... . Any visitors would see real quick......that I can prove and back up the stuff I say on here..... .

My goal though? My hope? Is to be family, an art focused family, with the friends who visit and possibly even stay there..... . I want to learn new ways of artistic expression, as well as share what I know..... . (*Thinks about watercolors and painting*). (*Thinks about how I need to rehair my bow, so I may brush up on my electric violin playing in the very large basement*).

Any friends who stay, are welcome to stay rent free and with food and internet provided. Why? (*Feels my fingernails glowing*). I want to treat another as I needed to be treated all along. Too, I remember what happened when I ran away to college in the mountains.... . With no stressful drama, my mental faculties skyrocketed.... . I was memorizing semester college class books overnight, and my memory capacities, reasoning capacities, and perceptory senses.....transformed. When you have a roof over your head, food in your stomach, and no drama / bullies / wardens / parents dragging you down, you are able to find who you truly are inside.... . Well, that was my experience to college..up here anyway.. .

Yea, I pray for what is best....to manifest.... . Even if I do witness an "issue" pop up, I can rest with an eased conscience.......knowing that I tried.......... .
Tags: a sanctuary of friendship, art, atelier, goals, house, mission statement, music
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