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Jag Responds To A Medical Call / Fluid World

Times are looking a bit up *^_^*. White / black expanse being spent the early morning with me (*sighs happily*). I am so glad that she has been recovering... . (*Feels a tear of relief going down the left side of my face*).... . I thank her for returning to me, and I thank her for caring about me. My vitality keeps rising after more and more contact with her (*feels mind blown, about that fact*).

I had (*notices my ears ringing*) a medical call delivered to my door today. Yea, irl...I treat at everything from depression, to COPD, to asthma, to spider bites. Only for those that pass a background check though...... .

Looks like things went fluid as I arrived to the treatment location though. (*Raises my eyebrows*). Yea O_O. As I monitored the patient, a kid I tutor in schoolwork, art, and karate..., suddenly begged his parent to play Black Butler.........O_O.

I was not going to be called crazy today.... . I *caught* some of the event on my tablet ^_~.

After that, I was treated to lunch, and invited to watch at "The Corpse Bride"...and "Sweeney Todd"..... .

*Notes a door knock*.

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