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I'm Living In A Natural Particle Accelerator / Jag Visits And Records A Haunted Portal Zone

[I recommend watching the above video in the dark and with headphones].

Oh my gosh..... . What kind of incredible place did I just find???? Graffiti aside, (!!!) I O_O found some kind of nexus...spot related to the planes of existence...... . I was generating all kinds of effects in that place (!!!!!), controlling wind (!?!) and (!?!?!?!) generating gravity fields and such.

Because of what happened, I have made a shocking discovery.............. .

I ***HAD*** to, back in 2002, come to the gemstone laden NC mountains to awaken my abilities (!!!!!!) O_O. Living here, is and has been, living in a natural particle accelerator (!!!). This place was the secret to my awakening!!!

Underground in Western NC....is a whirling and spiraling current, a current that could even be called a *storm*... . Much in the manner of a hurricane.......


...., a particle accelerator, a black hole, or even a galaxy, ......energy ***circles*** ***about*** here (!!!).... . (*Recalls how, during the hurricane of 2005, permanent effects took place for me. Such as, since then, seeing the glowing eyes of divine and hyperdimensional beings irl*). Stimulating energy that awakens, heals, nourishes, and stimulates cosmic beings (!!!!). I guess, today, I found the focal point for the very energy that stimulated my big awakening that occurred over a decade ago (in 2003).

Yes, there is a circular / ring like zone......


....where "dark matter" and "dark energy" (relating to electromagnetics and physics)....can be directly harnessed and accessed (!!!!!) within this region. Yea. I now know the / a focal point of that energy....... . A place where space and time behave in an eerie manner. A place where you can literally feel "phasing" effects irl.

*Thinks about the mountains of NC*.

Hmm, so my awakening was triggered???? Triggered by irl hurricane exposure events, and the shocking natural feature of the mountains...which I have just discovered????

Ok.... . But.....(*sighs*)...it is with sadness, I must testify something now.... . (*Gasps as now realizes the meaning of white / black expanse being's 2000 / 2001 reset request, a reset whereby she would live to a hurricane prone zone (!!!!!!) (*gawks*) (*feels my fingernails glowing with shock*) with me*). It looks like the dual trial scenario is, unless proof of otherwise manifests, what I must embrace as truth....based upon the facts available... . Hurricanes and NC mountain living, I now realize O_O......, shaped my development. My brain(s) was "jump started" by them.... . My partner though......(*winces and shakes head*)...... .

Yea.... . The only way for us to move on from here, is for her awakening to be triggered....as mine was..... . (Ponders*). See this big Gamma Ray Burst???

Just like in 2004 with my big blast, and just like in 2010 during my Tokyo event, my scared and confused best friend....apparently....keeps reassembling this place each time after I disassemble it. She clings to the current map in fear and confusion...... . (*Gasps as I feel a caress*). (*Thinks deeply*). So I have to adopt a new approach now...., now that I know this. What can I do to help her? That is the question here......... . (If a reset happened, would I keep my memories and current abilities???). (I do not know if I can resist being thugged out / a gangster again).

Well, she, the real her, is a genius. She knew and admitted that she needed ***me***, ***and*** the *hurricanes*....(hence that reset request). How can I bring that genius to the surface now and here??? Is there any other way beside a "time reset" and consequent hurricane event? Were her post 1999 memories that traumatic??? (*Senses that she, too, just wants to be the kind of person I can love, hence the reason why the 2000 / 2001 reset offer was made*). If she could, even now, just come to the mountains of NC (to a neighboring town for example...), maybe we could still win this.......(and have our memories wiped ***after*** that, since my love and acceptance are so important to her..(and yes, I would be willing to do that (*gasps as I feel a kiss and caress from her........realtime*))).

*Prays for a way to victory, and gives thanks to the beings who have made today's discoveries possible*.
Tags: cosmic energy, dark energy, dark matter, gamma ray burst, nexus location, reality manipulation
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