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My Day To A Million Dollar Log Cabin Estate / Wings Of Love Ability

I slipped up hard today.....by not taking my tablet with me....today (*facepalms*).

Today, I was whisked away early. I was treated to lunch to a magnificent log cabin estate sanctuary featuring waterfalls, scenic Autumn leaves dropping in the breeze, and (!?!?!?!?!???!?!) a host (!!!) that had a voice that sounded like the anime version of Ryou Fujibayashi......(*remembers that individual from the "book vision" mentioned recently......and her voice*).

I noted offers of money, assistance to get my music studio, and a place to keep my music studio instruments. Me though???? Gazing down the 50ft drop from that balcony, and seeing that babbling stream below, reminded me of my destiny....and my place.... .

I had a little surge event irl....to that location.... . (No need to worry, I was not on a date. I will keep my word, my celibacy pledge). Maybe I will film it Monday...when I go back. I need to speak on something though, since the prospect ***is*** available at me to be "a hooked up boyfriend living to that place in an average Homo Sapiens relationship".


The dual trial scenario is ***real***.

The Tokyo trip, this event http://jagyggdrasil.livejournal.com/38079.html (which I held reporting in detail) ......, and the surge event from Monday...all had the same message... . There is another mind.....that shares this mindscape / memoryscape with me (!!!!!!!). (*Recalls the book event featuring hyperdimensional Dawn / Ryou*). Yea..... . I have a theory....., and it came upon me last night...... . It might save ***everything***...... . It also explains how white / black expanse being can love me so deeply......, as yet....said love just can ***not*** be..and ***was*** ***not*** expressed through 'the' 'internet'........ . White / black expanse being and I are together. We are united. We are a team, in love, and family to each other....... . I know the secret now.... . The secret to the past III months..... . Because of that fact, because of *her*, my abilities are awakening to a new level.... . Both our abilities and our natures are awakening. Yea, I, we, were not stopped by that 'net' 'drama'....... . I thank my soulmate for not quitting on me. I know what happened now......^_~.

Oh, looks like the house move may still be on (*sighs*)..... . I witnessed a literal cash drop irl today (*facepalms*)....after finding that big secret last night...... . I do not know what is going to happen next... . I might be staying (in a celibate manner) to that waterfall estate for a while...soon O_O.........., and moving from the gem mine. Or maybe I will move to that riverfront mountain house next week. Whenever I experience awakening events (like in 2003), I always note money and 'token' 'temptations' thrown at my face (*recalls at the millionaire's daughter with the Glenville mansion estate....., the one whose marriage offer I ran from*).......... .
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