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Married Life.....(????)....

Lol, as I went back to get the post link below, I caught an ad synched up to my thoughts :P.

I can not drink alcohol, but alas I sure could use a strawberry milkshake......to a hyperdimensional plane alcohol-free bar...right now....... .

Yea, I wanna listen to some blues too lol :D!!!!



So, her message from that book she held, was and is about (*gulp*) dual trialing. We *both* (!!???!!) had to rediscover ***each*** ***other*** .......before we could move on..... . Wow, what a lifestyle this is......(*shakes my head*). So, she knew about me here, read my journal, and contacted me in the hyperdimensional plane....or ***here*** (after everything got disassembled for a bit) in March....to let me know why the Infiniversal Routing Tear Gem.....was not deactivated earlier that month....... .

What should I, we, do now though??? My intuition tells me that we ***both*** note and noted horrific void interference at our internet communication attempts. I guess I have to wait for her next surge events, as well as black / white expanse communication events.. . Yea (*gulps*).

I hope they happen fast... . I *really* want to be with her........ . (*Wipes my right eye and cheek*). If I move, and have access to my studio, I am going to upload the sounds, the songs, I used to bring on my own surge events....in an attempt to help her. Actually, I am going to upload the love songs that I recorded for her back in 2010 (*blushes*) (*gulps*). Yea. It seems she is Dawn...... . Dawn whom I loved all along (*feels my fingernails glowing with a blushful pink prismatic glow*). Dawn whom I met (!!!!!!) in November 2009 before my big Tokyo trip......... . Dawn whom I met during black expanse / hyperdimensional plane events....for ***consecutive*** days immediately after my Tokyo trip (!!!).

Yea, the dual trial theory is perfect.... . Who I am today, was and is...only because of her endless love and support.......through the years. (*Gulps*). So, Dawn, my Dawn, is trialing too??? Trialing with me right now. (*Feels my eyes glowing with determination*). I pray I may have somehow helped her in her times of struggling, as she has helped me in my times of struggling....... .

What we need to do now, though, is flip this map.....so that we can communicate in person, and in any case free from the demonic interference imposed by these subanime Homo Sapiens shackles...we witness (grafted at our beings)..... . I know what she will tell me after that.....(*exhales in tearful relief*).

The last III months have been the most intense times of my life. I am glad I did not lose faith in her, for indeed there was no reason too. I guess I will keep reading BG, and try to glean what clues that I can from her book..... . I need to rest a while though. Reaching this new level took everything I had.

I give thanks to the beings who watched over my beloved and I. I pray in thanks for the chance to be in such a good, healthy, and happy *^_^* relationship (*exhales in relief*). I will try to hang on until her next surge event.
Tags: dawn, friendship, friendship is salvation, hyperdimensional being, infiniversal routing tear gem, love, love is salvation, relationship matters, soulmate
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