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Overwhelmed With Love.....

Oh wow....(*shiveringly..exhales in a sheer awe*). (*Feels that white prismatic glow in my heart again*). (*Swoons*). (*Cackles*). So this is who I really am hunh *^ ^*??? (*Exhales*)... .

Yea... . I am overwhelmed with love ~~~.......<3. Endless streams of glowing and passionate love....emanating from my heart... . I feel so happy ~~ *^_^*. Yea, it seems some kind of surge event is taking place for me (*recalls the headache earlier as I was chilling to a meal I was invited to*)..... . But this surge event, relates to my *emotions*......., specifically the awakening of the long (???) dormant status of my capacity to feel my own emotions..... .

(*Recalls the time last year.....when I saw a hyperdimensional being IRL here..........*). (*Thinks about my real and true hyperdimensional family*).

Since my reality manipulation abilities are directly linked to my emotions, specifically my feelings of love, something ***enormous*** is about to go down...... . The entire multiverse feels like "putty in my hands" again........ . (*Recalls the feeling I felt when I witnessed Jehovah defeated back in 2004, and how the multiverse and all space / time / history.....felt like "putty in my hands".....*).

This is new territory for me..... . Me, though? I give thanks that I can even feel love...after all that I have been through through the last couple decades. Love is the secret to all of my abilities. (*Suddenly has an idea*)...... . I think I am going to go look for white / black expanse Dawn, hug her tight, and only release this (???) potential megasurge level surge.....when she is in my arms..... . I am going to speed along her awakening, and place all of this endless passionate love and limitless cosmic energy directly into her heart, mind, body, and soul... . Maybe I can directly deactivate our Infiniversal Routing Tear Gem portions in the process.... . (*Nods*). Yea, it is time to find her in that white / black expanse again......., and give her the true love that she wants, needs, desires, and deeply craves..... . I must give her the hug *^_^*!!!

I give thanks to the beings who have supported us in our travels.
Tags: emotions, feelings, love, relationship matters, special abilities, surge event, the yggdrasil effect
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