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Halloween Is *Already* Not Disappointing Me ^_^ / Booked All Day

Wow O_O....*^_^*.

There was *definitely* a contact event just now in the expanse, or another location..... .

Yea, *she* found *me* (!!!!!!)..... . Ok... . So I saw her gaze my way...amidst some kind of festival or party type park setting.... . Even though I saw subanime visuals at her and the environment, I recognized her. She had shoulder length and..(I do not know salon terms) very stylish looking pressed hair. She had on cool looking pants, and a shirt (both maybe like sky blue to neon white). After she gazed my way, I heard music...... She then faced my way, and she danced.......O_O :D.. .

I was like..."wow~~".... . Yea, my empathy and telepathy (I love being psychic, I love being an empath and telepath) senses flared online, and some kind of mind / soul / emotion connection took place as I watched her dance in a passionate and sensual (*feels my cheeks burning*) manner towards me.... . She was attracted to me, and utterly vulnerable.....in that attraction, utterly delicate in that attraction. I watched her move, watched her communicate to me with her body.... .

Yea, I might need to watch what I say....from now on. I did not know her feelings were that deep, that vulnerable.... . She really did and does want to be in a relationship with me......... . She was depending on me....(*winces*).... . (*Inhales and sighs*). It was like I was her light of hope..... . She really needed me.... .

Well, I will remember all of this come the next expanse event. (*Recalls my uber big find last week*). Me? I am glad she doesn't hate me. I am also glad she can have feelings for me. Yea, I had to go through some October "transformations"..just to process the fact that I am not alone here...... .

*Just got a call about the house. Omg..... . I am moving tomorrow?????????*.

Um, what the heck?!??!? (I thought I noted a "failed" inspection????)

Um, okay, gotta go.......O_O.
Tags: hyperdimensional being, relationship matters
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