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Radiant New Abilities / A Radiant New Possibility

Okay.... .Today was totally fluid... . Yea, and it seems like this "house" thing is.......somebody else's doing. Everything keeps flip flopping....., so somebody else has to be (???) manifesting this event.... . This morning I was told the house passed inspection. Now I am told that there is an inspection tomorrow.

I never intended drama..... . I will also admit that the vision (about dual-trialing) from March went entirely over my head...... . What can I say? My girlfriend is that beautiful.

But I am not.....willing to compromise....either. I believe in Dawn, and she truly is perfect. She is truly wonderful, and an inspiration. She has standards.

Here is the reality. I have issues perceiving hyperdimensional beings....right now. Even when I visit home, the hyperdimensional plane, I sometimes witness hallucinogenic ghouls / hookers imposed at literal Goddesses.... . That is due to the hyperdimensional artifact that I am implanted with.

That said, right now, how could I possibly process the information of a hyperdimensional being and dual trialing soulmate in here right now???? My teamie may witness a XX chromosome type grafted at my identity right now......even though, for my pov right now, I witness a Negro male. And me? I think the same may apply the other way around. I am having issues interpreting the information of my teammate......, meaning I can not trust 'internet' 'information' period... . I can only trust my visions and my empathy / spiritual senses / telepathy.

About all I can do, is suspend my judgment ***within*** ***reason***, and setup this art house... . It all comes down to surge events now.

This journal is where I type my private feelings.... . I do not believe in cowardly blocks or friends only stuff. This is not roleplaying. I put everything I have on the line, ready to defend myself at haters. I have not 'gotten' 'spineless' and 'wimpy' in this last month.

If an irl meeting, or even emergency move-in happened, I am not going to 'get' 'sappy'. I am going to have a tactical mindset, and that because my teammate and I are witnessing war here..... . War at us (she will witness homelessness soon, if the surge events keep happening). This isn't about stupid arguments. We ***both*** can cause surge / megasurge events now, so those need to be our focus, and not petty arguments. And fact is, until we move on and flip this map, how can we know what gender we are anyway????

(Remembers at the falsified journal I witnessed that time ago, that journal which accused drinking a first beer at my record). Yea I fell in love, and I had romantic visions that touched my heart and soul. That is why I will open this house up. No 'sappy' stuff required...... . I have not done and will not do internet harassment... . A way will open for me, for my victory, as long as I keep focusing on the needs of others (as I have been doing...in trying to generate and sustain a hyperdimensional paradise free from bullies, gods, rapists, killetrs, and demons).

Oh. I might not have the internet for a month....in a couple days.....if the move goes through.
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