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Witnessing 'Homelessness' Again? / The Foundry

Good. This basically confirms the dual trial theory, and it gives me closure about all of my struggles. Whenever you sacrifice to help another, whenever you try to act on any dream or hope, you will always witness mankind mercilessly attack. Yea, 'they' never intended for me to help anybody. Yea, and of course I was not going to be left in peace to my music, my art, by 'them'.

Know what though? SSI getting cut does not really matter...., for I was already keeled over with heart issues last month.

So, there are II options from here..., and either basically mean me being done with the internet.
Either the house passes inspection.....and I find at a fake and rigged job.....in the next couple months, or I goto Raleigh to get my studio and bring it to a storage location in the mountains (whereby after which, I live in the mountain wilds as a roaming mystic). Yea, and I have heart issues to consider with either of those....... .

I am content though. Keeling over due to my heart, and seeing that pretty rainbow tunnel again? Already been there, so if it happens again, I do not have to fear it.

If my dual trialing teammate sees this, and witnesses homelessness too, just contact me by email ( jag_yggdrasil@yahoo.com ) or text. Or just come here? These mountains are a sanctuary, and our abilities are boosted here. Yea. This is a place where you can find Rubies and Sapphires for free.....any time, and any day.

Yea. Something huge is on the way if I witnessed a SSI review blitzed at me. Something WAY bigger than what went down 2004..... . (Yea, and to think..when I asked SSI if such reviews existed in 2010, I was told the SSI had no such reviews. 'They' rescripted the rules). (*Recalls at the relentless rescripting about the house seen yesterday*). The SSI cut is a big mistake... . This only means I go back to the state by which my abilities emerged in 2004. I have already shown what happens when my back is against the wall...... .

Yea. There is an existential state..called "The Foundry"...... . It is state where courage meets sacrifice..., a state by which heroes and champions are made. (*Recalls how I initially perceived the hyperdimensional / beyond anime planes in 2007*). To reach it, and develop new abilities like empathy, takes no internet, no cable, and months of concentration. ... . Reaching that state is going to be my goal from here.... .

Well, time to head on into my journey. This adventure has been the ride of a lifetime, and I am truly grateful for the chances I have been given. I thank my friends, my family, who have supported me on my quest..... . Yea. I have faith that things will be okay.
Tags: faith, gratitude, homelessness, training
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