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House Of Prophecy / House Of Miracles / House Of Portals

A miracle happened yesterday..... . I will photograph / detail it in the next post though (a post which will have to be made from a library)... .

Yea, even the people helping me move....were in awe.

Yea, this house is a house of a prophetic nature. I was meant to be there...., be there in peace in my concluding days in this place.......(*gazes down to my heart*). A hyperdimensional being with an enormous cosmic energy signature visited yesterday...as the move-in was underway, and a heavenly vibe and "portal" like sensation just overtook everything...... .

Yea. I love the new house. It is the house of my dreams. Yea. And my studio will be there by late November or early December for sure. (*Prays in thanksgiving*).

Hmmmm. Know what my biggest slipups were in my recent life??? They were...

A) How long it took me to find about the dual trialing based trial of The Infiniversal Routing Tear Gem.

B) Not having a camera phone on me during the Code Blue event of last year....to document the scene from the ER bed.

C) Having to learn how to recognize and accept help when it is given.

I need to get a phone with a camera....for the next stage of my life, so I can film myself to the hospital and / or even film surge events. (Lol, it will need a Faraday cage).

Aves wants to help me drive the Raleigh trip..., and load my gear. Aves does not know if my heart can handle the task. I'll gratefully accept help (*goes a blushful red as notes how Sailor Moon esque....my life is seeming lately, in regard to teamwork and help from friends*).... .

Yea, I am literally being helped into this house O_O...., carried into this house, as if this entire plane (!??!?!!!!?!) is behind the move.... .

In trying to help another live a happy and fulfilled life in a nice and safe house, I was showered with blessings I never even expected O_O!!!! (*Remembers why I even decided to look for a house........*). Blessings utterly vital to my own safety and health.

Well, I again thank all my friends. After another truckload or so, my move-in will be completed. After my video of the house and the next post, I am done with the internet (save for checking email to the library) for a while.......because I want to enjoy this new house in peace. SSI review or not, I have waited since 2004 for the chance to live in a beautiful waterfront mountain house. Yes, and I give my utmost thanks.

(Oh, and I intend to keep my word to my teamie......... . My friend is welcome there. Fair is fair. I will not go back on my word).
Tags: house of prophecy, hyperdimensional lifeforms, miracles, prophecy, the dawn effect, the dawny effect, the jaggy effect, the yggdrasil effect
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