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Another Code Blue Event [Public Version Of Post]

It may take some time for the house video..... . I am having critical heart issues irl lately *^_^*...... . So serious, I spent last night in the hospital, and tonight I am staying to a gem mine house with a certified nurse assistant and another mining crew member (and getting round the clock care (*prays in thanksgiving*)).

I felt so comforted last night to see that Code Blue light.... . Why???

A) Because I returned to that sacred place on the edge, the sacred place on the edge of life and existence.......that made me who I am today. Yea. That holy place that only I, and other hyperdimensional beings like me, may visit and return from..... .

B) Because it showed me that I have options. Good options. Blessed options..... . The ***best*** options. It showed me that I do not have to be stuck with boring and agonizingly / gruelingly bland mankind bs for decades.... .

Last night, I, in a relaxed state, donated a bit of mana to experience a "time reset"...., but only after I gasped......for breath and then went still....... . But this time it was altogether different........ . Different in that I struggled to find a *reason*......to come back...... .

After having moved to the serene and tranquil new mountain house, and after giving all I could to the dual trial scenario....., I felt closure.......... .

Another reason I felt closure is the fact that this region is literally on fire irl. The sky here is ***filled*** with the haze of the pyrokinetic events I warned about..... . Yep. Just like I prophesied, the very land burns after I witnessed 'homelessness' 'threats' imposed at my livelihood and lifestyle. My weather control and pyrokinetic abilities have merged, and eerie fires are bursting forth across the region......in a manner which is synchronous to the events of Autumn 2014. The blue sky is covered with gray smoke in the daytime..., so thick is the smoke from the wildfires...... . The land here smells like a wood-burning stove.. . The land burns with my (*pulls an EKG electrode thing from my collar*) fiery intent..., burns with my soul's desire for justice...... .


Oh, another "glitch" took place..... . The internet was installed at my new house without my permission Friday... .

A note was left at the door....citing a free moving installation special, and that just days after I called specifically stating that I wanted my internet disconnected from the prior gem mine location, and my internet account frozen. Who or what wants me to be on the internet??? (*Notices the marks made in pen, specifically shaped at the likeness of The Yggdrasil Star Cross*)...... . I am going to call and get it disconnected..... . If dual trialer contact can not happen with the internet, then I am done with the internet......, save for library visits and rock video posts to the library.
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