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Everything Is Okay......

Ummm...., waves of sadness are washing across the realm tonight..... . Deep sadness and loneliness.

This journal is unexpectedly being read....O_O. Please cheer up ^_^. Everything is going to be fine, I think.......(*feels a caress to my left ankle*). I am not going to die on you..... .

I will try to complete my unpacking tomorrow, and do a video of the house and the serene mountain setting *^_^*.

The Code Blue thing may be what results in the SSI review thing being dropped, so it was a good thing. To help also, I went to note a "doctor appointment scheduling" today.

In any case (even with an SSI cut), I will have the house through February, so that much is assured. Yea, I am going to record some starlight rock for sure *^_^*!!! Naw, I ain't dying, so please cheer up.... .

*Playfully grabs your shoulders and shakes you*.

I want you happy again ^_^.

I'm about to watch the new Equestria Girls movie (:D!!!) before sleeping on the toasty luxury recliner I was given (!!!!) last Friday. Also, looks like a comfy couch will be coming in tomorrow or later this week.

Okay, guess I better get going. I just posted because I want you to be comforted. I did not know you would worry so much (*blinks*)........ .
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