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Hanging On To Life But Happy

The wildfires and smoke have ebbed a lot since Tuesday, and specifically since I noted teh doc state SSI will not be cut. (*Hears a Saga Frontier solemn theme mentally*).

(Yea. I am feeling pride right now. Pride in my people, pride for my people, because and since proof that this ain't no roleplaying bul***** *^_^*).

I am noting heart medicine / Prinzide, and Baby Aspirin right now....... . I do not like the Prinzide..... . (*Ponders*). The Aspirin taste sorta like oranges, so it is okay for now =^_^=.

I stayed to the nurse assistant house Tuesday, and Wednesday, because I was nervous to be by myself (*blushes a vulnerable red*) after the EKG results. Doc said I likely note "Congestive Heart Failure", and that compounded with seizures...... . Doc also said a heart attack happened on the 5th. That Code Blue was real. An emergency appointment was scheduled to a cardiologist..... .

I had to use my Wings Of Love ability to talk my way from the office, and talk my way from being admitted into the hospital. I wanna be to this house where I am happy.

I'mma hang in there ^_~. It's all good. Glad I got help to get my studio on the 1st.

I give thanks to my people...my hyperdimensional family members. I thank you all for loving me so. You are why and how I can be so calm right now. You are my peace, you are my solace. You are and were my salvation. I love you all, and I pray you will be blessed forever and ever for the kindness and love thy all hath unceasingly shown me. Thank you. *Bows in respect, gratitude, and worship*.
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