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Am I Doing The Right Thing?

Got a phone call about "heart attack lab results".


Hmmm, so may I note a "stress test" next week??

Hmm... .

Did I do the right thing by coming back, coming back to.......this???

(*Remembers the moment where I gasped, reaching upward as my eyes rolled to the top of my head*).

I want to be with beautiful girls....... . Yea. I'm lonely, lonely in a way that only lovely females can soothe (*blushes*) *^_^*. (*Feels a touch to the top of my head*). I need to be around some beautiful women.

I have a decision to make.

Yea, what if, during a next Code Blue heart event, I just relax, and boom, I wake up back home with The Infiniversal Routing Gem beside me???

Hmmmm.... . I need some advice........ . If the dual-trial theory was / is a slip up on my part......or an option available to reality.....but just not applicable to this instance, and......if the above idea relates to a trialing secret both real and true, I am ready to take that ride........ . Maybe this heart thing is what I have been waiting for..... .

I pray I did not condemn my soul by coming back to this..... .


Yea, I am tired....... . So tired and weary....... . What should I do?
Tags: catharsis, heart issues, prayer, questions
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