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This Journal Is Hardcore Real / Last Ride?

Humility is a virtue...., a virtue I have always striven for. Yes, but humility does not mean you have to obscure and deny the obvious.

This journal seems hardcore.... . Meaning...no punches pulled.

This journal is what made this world turn, and what this entire scenario was meant to produce. Everything that has happened in this world, too, was so that a chronicle could be forged and delivered unto elite beings, beings who are the best, the brightest, the most beautiful, the most intelligent, the most wise, the most innocent, the most pure, the most honorable, the most charismatic, the most awesome..... . Yes, an adventure chronicle of tears, pain, upset, unexpected triumphs, kept promises, love, passion, fear, dread, agony, sadness, celebration, defiance, trust, faith, and determination.

Me? I hope my journal, my chronicle, will not let down my hyperdimensional family. I hope I do not look like a pitiful loser....to them. I tried to live with courage, and never make any bull**** excuses........ . I tried to not be a wimp, a wuss. I tried to act in a decisive manner, and never complain like a punk *** *****........ .

Yea. What will happen to me? I do not know......... . But I only have thanks to give for the chance to undergo such an adventure ^_~. I thank my friends, my friends who are my true family.

Looks like my trip to Raleigh is next week..... . I do not know if my heart can survive another experience of heavy lifting and moving, but I must try...... .
Tags: heart issues, life goals, thanksgiving
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