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Who And What Am I :D???!!??? / New Abilities Awakening

Am I a phoenix? A phoenixcat???

I swear....I do not want to sound masochistic..., but alas, why do I constantly and ecstatically "rebuild" myself after each time I visit "that place"??? Why do I transform and modify each time after I experience tremendous pain and "Code Blue"???

After many heart (!!!) events this month, after so much agony and ER time....., I feel "new" (!??!??!!?!!!)..... .

It even feels like my aura is engulfing this entire planet now........ . Maybe even all planes of space and time....... . Me? I am now questioning if these cardiological events are an unexpected part of undergoing (!!!!) the trial of The Infiniversal Routing Gem, meaning I question if they were destined, and critical (!!!!)....for victory. (*Ponders*).

Yea, yesterday or the other day.......I noted a heart crisis event (???) in my mountain sanctuary house. A *TREMENDOUS* fluid world event took place......, and mysterious beings came to me (???) as I tried to rub life into the stiff toes of this current pov.


I guess what I must ask now, is how many times will I come back....in this.....dance.......I currently do, yes, and who and what will I be when it is all said and done???

Oh, reading back through this journal, as this "new me", some red flags came up. I'll discuss what I mean after and if I survive until December 6th.

Tags: adaptation, life goals, trials
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